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A580 Five Speed Transmission

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Originally designed to work behind Hemi V-8s, the fully electronic A580 five-speed automatic transmission features a low 3.59:1 first gear, 2.19 2nd, 1.41 3rd, 1.0 4th, and 0.83 overdrive 5th (Reverse is 3.16). The new Wrangler never has a problem finding the right gear. Selecting the right gear is easy, too. Put the selector in D, and then rock it side to side to access the gear you want. Designed for “fill for life,” Jeep says the transmission requires no maintenance under normal operation. We’ll see about that, but we can report that the A580 automatic works well behind the 3.6L V-6 and allows the new JK to crawl with the best. Of course, the NVG241OR Rock-Trac transfer case in the Rubicon helps crawling with its 4:1 low range ratio.