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Off-Road Unloaded - Letters to the Editor - March 2012

Cowboys And Aliens
Posted March 1, 2012

Letters of the Month

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Letters of the Month

This month, everyone who had their letter published is getting a combo of Cowboys and Aliens and The Scorpion King 3: Battle for Redemption with Billy Zane! Cowboys and Aliens hits shelves on December 6, and you'll have to wait a bit longer- until January 10- to pick up a copy of The Scorpion King 3.


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Is Gear Swapping Worth It?

I have a 2007 Chevy 2500HD and got a question on gear ratio. My truck has 14-Bolt rear and 9.25 IFS front with 3.73 gears. It also has shorty headers, a K&N cold-air intake, Flex-a-Lite electric fans, and a Flowmaster muffler. I got it custom tuned with a Diablosport trinity for my mods. My tires are 35 inches tall was thinking of putting 4.10 gears in because it has a hard time of staying in sixth gear and would like to get a little more torque. What good and what bad would I get out of this?

Lance Pryor
Canyon Lake, Texas

Lance, nothing bad can come of the gear change you’re thinking of (although I should put an asterisk here—new trucks require a tuner to input a different gear ratio size into the onboard computer if you change gears). Changing gear ratios to accommodate for the change it tire size will make a huge difference in the drivability of your truck, and can even increase fuel economy even though you’ll be spinning higher rpms (the engine won’t be working as hard so it will require less fuel). With 35-inch tires on your Chevy, you’re right on the line between going with 4.10:1 or jumping up to 4.56:1 with your automatic transmission. If you’re looking for the best power, then go with the 4.56 gears, and if you want fuel economy on the highway, then go with 4.10s.
But remember to input the gear change into your tuner so you can tell your truck it has a different gear ratio!

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