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Off-Road Unloaded - Letters to the Editor - May 2012

Posted in Features on May 1, 2012
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Letters of the Month

This month, everyone who had a letter published is getting some OFF-ROAD magazine swag! Don’t bother thanking us; we’re just trying to do our part in covering beer bellies at off-road events.

Deserved Coverage

Wow, I’ve been shocked with the last two issues of your great magazine. I personally know two of the people you have articles about and they are both very deserving of the honor.

First, in the December issue you had an article about Mark Turner, who you guys named OFF-ROAD Person of the Year and is definitely deserving of the title. He ran the off-road shop in my town for many years and is a great guy. He never minded a bunch of us high school kids with no money hanging around his shop. He would always help us out when needed, and when we actually had money he always provided the best service.

The next shocker was when I got the January issue and the truck on the cover is one I’ve had the honor to ride in on several occasions. I’ve known Chris Ovrebo for a while and know that his truck is definitely worthy of the cover. Chris has put a lot of hard work in that truck and it shows. Thanks for the great magazine I look forward to more great articles.


Bryan Davis

Fabulous Fords Oversight

Missing off your list of off-road racing Fords is the Bronco of fellow Class 3 competitor Moss Brothers racing. It’s not a cutting-edge machine, but these guys get it done! I’ll leave it to everyone to look up the facts — their record of SCORE championships is one of the best of all time!

Bob Morton

Fabulous Fords

I wanted to say thank you very much for producing the February issue centered around Ford trucks! I recently went from a 2008 Honda CR-V to a 2011 Ford F-150 and I couldn’t be happier! With my mixed driving, and Ford’s fuel-efficient 3.7L V-6, I’m getting close to the mileage I was with the CR-V! It just feels damn good to be back in a truck, and to have my man-card back.

I have a clear idea of what I want to do with my new ride, but it is going to take time and money. I know a level to mild lift is in order, as is a small laundry list of modifications. Looking at your magazine, it just has me blown away with the number of options and items available! Coming from “sheltered” vehicles with little to no aftermarket, it is a very pleasing experience.

My previous trucks before my F-150 have included an ‘01 S-10, ‘03 Tundra (still miss that one), ‘07 Ridgeline (kind of a truck), and now my ‘11 F-150. All but the Honda Ridgeline were 2WD. The Ridgeline was great for some light-duty off-road work, and even with stock tires is a billy goat up loose hills. Too bad the engine sucks gas like a much larger V-8, and it has poor off-road articulation.

I loved the article in the February 2012 issue on the Ford F-150 2WD Project truck. I plan on keeping a close eye on the build, and may borrow some of the ideas for my 2WD Ford. They do say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

Shane Burgess
Tucson, AZ

Where Have All the 32s Gone?!

What the hell, man?! Where have all the 32-inch tires and cowboys gone (sorry ‘80s joke)? Are they phasing them out or what? My ‘lil ‘94 Toyota four-banger can’t push or stop anything bigger than a 32. Are they becoming a thing of the past? Because all I see is the 285 blah blah, and then it jumps to 33x12.5r15 and 35x12.50R15. I see every Ranger and its momma with 33s. Is that what the market is calling for? I know a need for 32s exist. What’s the dealio? Okay, now my “Rant” is over!

Now for the props! I like the new mag, boys! My 9-month-old son really likes your magazine and it fares better then that flimsy Victoria Secret catalog he likes to teeth on (shame on those dirty girls! They never had a chance!). We will just say it’s thicker “ink” that gives it its new girth and that we are not killing anymore trees. Not any less trees, but not anymore trees. We off-roaders have enough problems with the S&@ra C!#b!

Let this be the letter of the month when you’re giving away the set of two tires (one new and one kinda used). Can they be both mud-terrains?

Attached is the picture of the man cave and the cages that keep us.

Thanks for being a realistic magazine in a sport of poor men.

Jerry & Lucas Prusa
Santa Clarita, Ca

Jerry, as much as I enjoyed your letter, we don’t have new and semi-used 32-inch tires sitting around. How about some OFF-ROAD magazine T-shirts instead? And sorry, but we had to censor your letter; you used two bad words right there near the end.

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