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Off-Road Unloaded - Letters to the Editor - May 2012

Man Cave
Posted May 1, 2012

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Letters of the Month

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Deserved Coverage

Wow, I’ve been shocked with the last two issues of your great magazine. I personally know two of the people you have articles about and they are both very deserving of the honor.

First, in the December issue you had an article about Mark Turner, who you guys named OFF-ROAD Person of the Year and is definitely deserving of the title. He ran the off-road shop in my town for many years and is a great guy. He never minded a bunch of us high school kids with no money hanging around his shop. He would always help us out when needed, and when we actually had money he always provided the best service.

The next shocker was when I got the January issue and the truck on the cover is one I’ve had the honor to ride in on several occasions. I’ve known Chris Ovrebo for a while and know that his truck is definitely worthy of the cover. Chris has put a lot of hard work in that truck and it shows. Thanks for the great magazine I look forward to more great articles.


Bryan Davis

Fabulous Fords Oversight

Missing off your list of off-road racing Fords is the Bronco of fellow Class 3 competitor Moss Brothers racing. It’s not a cutting-edge machine, but these guys get it done! I’ll leave it to everyone to look up the facts — their record of SCORE championships is one of the best of all time!

Bob Morton

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