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2012 Polaris RZR 570 UTV

Posted in Features on March 21, 2012
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The RZR XP900 is a hard act to follow. With its superb suspension and surprising power, the XP900 is a lot of fun in the dunes, rocks, or dirt. But, because of its width, the 900 can't play in the land of narrow trails.

Enter the RZR 570. It's narrow enough for ATV trails and shares many attributes with its big brother. The single-cylinder Polaris ProStar 570 engine features four valves, dual overhead cams and nearly 650 watts of stator output; 40-percent more than RZR 800. Born from the ProStar 900 that's in the XP900, it features a wet sump for easy serviceability.

A new, lightweight transmission enhances the power of the 570. Its high-torque capacity means more power to the ground and less driveline noise. The innovative, lightweight design features a helical cut final drive with optimized gear geometry to maximize efficiency. Remember the coasting squeak the RZR 800s exhibited? There's none of that here.

With 9 inches of travel in the front and 9.5 inches in the rear, the RZR 570's independent suspension works on the trail. The ZF Sachs coilovers are preload adjustable and work surprisingly well, allowing the lightweight RZR 570 to pound over whoops and speed down the trail. The RZR 570 crawls well, too, and does fine when traveling tough trails at slow speed.

The rear ZF Sachs coilovers also feature spring preload adjustment and offer 9.5 inches of travel. The rear diff is a spool.

Polaris has continued the XP900's body design in the 570. The air filter and sparkplug are easily accessed through a panel in the rear storage compartment. The only glaring omission we can find in the 570 is its lack of a glovebox.

My friend was surprised at the RXR 570's performance. While his XP 900 was faster, it wasn't that much faster. Hitting the governor at 57 to 58 mph comes quickly as the 570 has plenty of low-end torque, but likes to rev and doesn't run out of steam until it's artificially limited. When the trail gets narrow, the 900 has to turn around, but the 570 motors on. The RZR 570 is a worthy addition to the Polaris RZR family. With its $9,999 list price, there are going to be plenty of these on the trail soon. We like it!

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The narrow RZR 570 fits on ATV trails. Check out the difference in width when compared with an XP 900.


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