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Off-Road Unloaded - Letters to the Editor - July 2012

Desert Assassins Offroad Vehicle
Posted July 1, 2012

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Letter of the Month

I just wanted to know what kind of champagne you bathe in every morning. With the way you guys blow through parts and are able to test all the things that you do, there has to be some serious money rolling around that office of yours.

Tell the truth: Do you actually get your butler to do all the wrenching for you while you sit back and snap pictures, occasionally scraping your fingernails against something greasy so they’ll stay black? It’s okay if that’s what happens; at least you still have some talent apparent in your writings (unless those are farmed out and come from China, too).

From where I sit, you guys look like you’re doing pretty well and are on top of your game, and I feel that anyone up there needs a little ball-busting from time to time. Would you like me to count up your typos as well? I’ve found five different ones over the course of the last year (do you beat your proofreader each time this happens? I would).

Oh, one last thing: Do you have a certain dumpster you throw your old parts in? I’d like to raid that dumpster…

Keep up the good work, guys.

Sam “Sammo” O’Brien
Via Email

Holy smartasses, Batman! That’s okay, Sammo; we can take it and still smile. The truth is that we’re nowhere close to “rich.” We have a variety of ways we’re able to test and feature products each month, but the parts either remain on the vehicles or are recycled for use on something else (like giving them to my butler for his 4x4. Ha!).

As for the typos and punishing the proofreader…well, unfortunately we lost our proofreader (due to not being rich) a few years ago, so that’s me who’s going to have to receive those beatings (and I’m not into that).

Since we can take a joke, we figured you could, too: You’re our Letter of the Month and will be receiving a special gift from us on your doorstep. Thanks for the ribbing, Sammo!

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