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Off-Road Unloaded - Letters to the Editor - October 2012

Battleship Dvd
Posted October 1, 2012

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Letters of the Month

Our letters authors are getting hooked up with the combo movie pack of Battleship. It's an epic action adventure starring Liam Neeson in a fight for our planet's survival. Not only do you get the Blu-ray copy, you also get a DVD and a digital downloadable copy! If you're not a letter writer, you can pick up your own copy this August.

We Rule!

First of all, OFF-ROAD is the best magazine ever! Don’t change a thing! Now this Po’ Boy Prerunner in the April 2012 issue has got my full attention because I have a ‘68 C10 to build for my youngest daughter and would be very interested in any info on this suspension! As soon as I saw your ‘71 I knew that’s the direction I want to go with her project. Her great grandfather had purchased it new! But as I surfed the Web, I came up with absolutely nothing to help me out. So any and all help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance and God Bless!

Randall Titsworth
Via email

Glad you like our project, Randall! It belongs to former OFF-ROAD intern Agustin “Gusto” Jimenez and he loves it a ton...but it’s taking longer than he expected (surprise, surprise, right?). We’re hounding him for a story and hopefully he should have a second installment of the truck soon, including more on the suspension.

First Sadness, Then Anger, Then Acceptance

It’s sad that Ford killed the Ranger and decided to hand the market to Toyota completely. If the big wigs at Ford were smart they would have kept the Ranger as a specialty truck and made a smaller Raptor. We all want Raptors but many of us just can’t afford one. But a Ranger with similar capabilities and half the price…possibly with an Eco-Boost option…that would be cool. Hmm, way to go Ford R&D

Brent E.
Via email

Brent, we know the Ranger will be sorely missed, but the price and fuel economy of the mini truck and fullsize truck were getting so close that it no longer made sense for Ford to keep the Ranger in North America. But there are still a ton of good, used Rangers out there waiting to become prerunners!

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