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November 2012 4xForums Letters To The Editors

Posted in Features on November 1, 2012
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"Return to Dirt" Tour Creates Itch to 'Wheel

Q: I will take you up on your request since you asked (June 2012 4xForum, “We Want to Hear from You”). I really enjoy your magazine all year round. I am more of a trail/tour driver as opposed to a “run to see what I can break” trip (not that I haven’t done those kinds of trails and trips as well). I very much enjoy all the articles by Larry Heck, as well as any similar articles, such as the “Return to Dirt Tour” by Mark Werkmeister. I can picture myself driving the roads and trails and seeing what they get to see, plus it gives me ideas for where to go next. The history surrounding several of the reported trips is a great bonus feature.

The other aspect of your magazine, and the really outstanding part that separates you from all the rest, is the general layout of the articles with lots and lots of quality pictures! Take your June issue, for example: the Dixie LJ article has minimal words but it has 27 pictures, which tell a far better story than a running commentary — plus you give us a great list of sources. The LM7 CJ-7 article was about a basic Jeep, but with 14 pictures and a nice specifications listing it is another good example of what I enjoy about your magazine.

Phil Howell is a great asset to your magazine and his pictures are some of the best in the business. The only thing that I miss, and the reason that I started my subscription in the first place, was your GeoStash contest — I loved it. I was never close to any of the locations but I sure had fun figuring out where they were and even called a friend who was close to one to get him to try and find it. Anyway, hope this encourages you to continue with the good work!

Ken Brouillard
Myrtle Creek, Oregon

Ken Brouillard and his Jeep Wrangler “Rubiken” travel the 4x4 trails in and around Oregon year-round.

A: Ken, thank you much for your detailed response. We will dig out some of our classic license plate frames and send some your way. It’s great to hear that we are satisfying your 4x4 magazine needs. Larry Heck and Mark Werkmeister are great adventurers and can turn mild-mannered trails in to exciting expeditions through their words and photography. Editor-in-Chief Phil Howell is indeed an asset; he was instrumental in launching this title in the 1980s and his return to the helm renewed its greatness and appeal. Alas, the GeoStash contest did come to an end but we are still juggling the idea of bringing it back — reader response/demand would be good reason. We’re also in the planning stages of creating an annual 4WHEEL DRIVE MAGAZINE event. More info about this will be available soon. Thank you again for your response, Ken. ’Wheel on.

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