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Off-Road Unloaded - Letters to the Editor - November 2012

Posted in Features on November 1, 2012
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Son of a Baja Racer


It was awesome to see that old Rambler in the July 2012 magazine! My dad, Dick Hansen, drove one of the two-wheel-drive cars in that ‘69 Baja 500. I was 8 years old and was pretty impressed my dad was racing for James Garner! They lost a steering box in Puertocitos and my dad bummed a ride to town and got a new box and mechanic helicoptered in and finally finished the race. He said the cars were awesome on the pavement and horrible in the dirt. Thanks for the memories.

Troy Hansen

Like a Freight Train

John’s new bumper with the Old Man’s 37-inch tires.

Luke Stabnow

Doubling Up the ‘95 Toyota Model Year

This is just a little something I thought you should’ve added to that reader response in the September 2012 Unloaded section: The pickup was made until 1995 and the Tacoma came in that same year as a ‘95 1/2.

The only reason I’m saying anything was because it ticked me off that Toyota did this since it made it a pain at the auto parts store when we were trying to buy parts for a ‘95 pickup. They were always trying to sell us Tacoma parts.

Troy Walter

Series 1 Rover

I recently acquired a 1958 Land Rover Series 1 4x4. It’s very cool (though not the typical fast-guy truck that is found in your mag) and I’d love to build it into something more capable. I don’t know much about the front axle and am thinking of swapping in a Dana 44 instead. It has some weird round joints where the knuckles are that doesn’t let me access the axleshafts—seems sort of like a pain in the butt if you ask me. What axle do you think would swap best under here? Is this even worth starting an off-road toy with?

Jake Ferway

Jake, don’t ditch that front axle just yet. That is a very cool and rare 4x4 that you got your hands on, but I think you might have Rover guys hunting you down if you swapped on a Dana 44 in place of that closed-knuckle axle you have right now. While a wider disc brake Dana 44 may be the better choice for an all-out off-roader…so would another vehicle entirely. That Series 1 is very small and made for a certain performance level in the dirt. And the equipment that came on that Land Rover from the factory is great for that level of dirt play. You’d keep the most value (and maybe the most fun) in it by just throwing on a set of tires, some good shocks, and rocking it as a classic stocker.

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