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Land Rovers - Mid Atlantic Rally 2004

Posted in Features on August 1, 2005 Comment (0)
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Contributors: Joel Kilby

Hundreds of Land Rovers scattered across the acreage at the site of the 2004 Mid Atlantic Rally. The drivers trekked in from all over the U.S., and some came from as far as England-Land Rover motherland. Like they do every fall, ex-military work horses, dedicated trail rigs, and daily-driven family haulers converged on Pearl's Pond in Buckingham, Virginia, for their owners to celebrate their Rover heritage.

The event, launched by the Rover Owners Association of Virginia in 1994, is a weekend four-wheeling festival complete with vendors, food, children's activities, seminars, friendly Rover driving contests, and trail rides. The Mid Atlantic Rally is said to be the largest gathering of Land Rovers in this hemisphere. It's open to any Rover owner, regardless of their ROAV membership. However, the trails at Pearl's Pond are on private property, and not open for public use.

While the Mid Atlantic Rally in the fall is open to any Rover owner, ROAV also hosts some events throughout the year for members only. For more information on sponsored events, visit


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