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4x4 Parts Under $100

Posted in Features on December 1, 2007 Comment (0)
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4x4 Parts Under $100
129 0712 01 z+cheap 4x4 upgrade parts+locking silent hitch pin

Locking Silent Hitch Pin
Purpose: For Class II, III, and IV hitches with 2-inch receiver tubes
Price: MSRP is $24.95
Purchase: Let's Go Aero, 719/630-3800, www.letsgoaero.com

129 0712 02 z+cheap 4x4 upgrade parts+air filter

K&N Air Filter
Purpose: Cotton-gauze filter you won't have to replace
Price: From $33.95
Purchase: AnythingAuto.com, 800/874-8888, www.anythingauto.com

129 0712 03 z+cheap 4x4 upgrade parts+replacement ring

BS16 Rock Lock Replacement Ring
Purpose: 15-inch outer ring for bead-lock wheels
Price: $95
Purchase: Beadlock Specialties, 559/442-0685, www.beadlockspecialties.com

129 0712 04 z+cheap 4x4 upgrade parts+splashguards

CRE Splashguards
Purpose: Protection; available with stainless steel trim
Price: Starts at $19.50
Purchase: CRE Products, 800/234-3349, www.rockerflares.com

129 0712 05 z+cheap 4x4 upgrade parts+backup lights

Backup Lights
Purpose: Two floodlights for better visibility
Price: Retail ranges from $69-$89
Purchase: KC HiLiTES, 928/635-2607, www.kchilites.com

129 0712 06 z+cheap 4x4 upgrade parts+bedrail caps

Bedrail Caps
Purpose: Bedrail coverage for the '07 Chevy Silverado
Price: $99 or less
Purchase: Bushwacker, 800/234-8920, www.bushwacker.com

129 0712 07 z+cheap 4x4 upgrade parts+license plate mount

Fairlead License-Plate Mount
Purpose: Attach the plate to the winch's roller fairlead
Price: MSRP is $33
Purchase: Alien Patrol, 775/223-9888, www.alien-patrol.com

129 0712 08 z+cheap 4x4 upgrade parts+quik detailer

Ultimate Quik Detailer
Purpose: High-bead, deep-gloss spray detailer
Price: About $8.99 from auto-parts stores and Wal-Mart
Purchase: Meguiar's, 800/347-5700, www.meguiars.com

129 0712 09 z+cheap 4x4 upgrade parts+doorskin

Doorskin for TJ, YJ, CJ-7, CJ-8, and Unlimited Jeeps
Purpose: Converts Bestop fabric half doors to steel
Price: $85 per pair
Purchase: Poison Spyder Customs, 303/777-4820, www.spydercustoms.com

129 0712 10 z+cheap 4x4 upgrade parts+cover

Guardian 3000
Purpose: Universal-fit truck cover
Price: $99.95
Purchase: LMC Truck, 800/562-8782, www.lmctruck.com

129 0712 11 z+cheap 4x4 upgrade parts+fairlead

Billet Fairlead
Purpose: To improve looks and efficiency and to reduce weight
Price: $58.99
Purchase: Rubicon Express, 866/533-7706, www.rubiconexpress.com

129 0712 12 z+cheap 4x4 upgrade parts+crossmember frame plates

Jeep CJ and YJ Rear Crossmember Frame Plates
Purpose: Strength for tire carriers or to fix broken crossmembers
Price: $79
Purchase: Mountain Off-Road Enterprises (M.O.R.E.), 970/625-3747, www.mountainoffroad.com

129 0712 13 z+cheap 4x4 upgrade parts+winch covers

Neoprene Winch Covers
Purpose: Protect your winch when not in use
Price: MSRP is $55-$65
Purchase: Warn Industries, 800/543-9276, www.warn.com

129 0712 14 z+cheap 4x4 upgrade parts+sidemarker lens bezel kit

'70-'77 Ford Bronco Side-Marker Lens & Bezel Kit
Purpose: Complete lens kit for the front and rear
Price: $98
Purchase: Tom's Bronco Parts, 800/749-5028, www.tomsbroncoparts.com

129 0712 15 z+cheap 4x4 upgrade parts+truck shade

Clever Truck Shade
Purpose: Compact; attaches to the bed of the truck
Price: Starts at $79.97
Purchase: TruckShade, 562/225-1943, www.truckshade.com

129 0712 16 z+cheap 4x4 upgrade parts+jug plate

Jug Plate & Jug Rax Set
Purpose: Carry utility jugs, coolers, and buckets without spillage
Price: MSRP is $84
Purchase: P-U Products, 619/334-1913, www.jugrax.com

129 0712 17 z+cheap 4x4 upgrade parts+towing accessory

Towing Accessory Kits
Purpose: All-in-one, with ball mount, hitch pin, trailer ball, and cover
Price: Starts at $87.95
Purchase: Valley, 209/368-8881, www.valley.us.com

129 0712 18 z+cheap 4x4 upgrade parts+glovebox

Vaulted Glovebox for '87-'06 Jeep Wrangler
Purpose: Heavy-duty and locking. Fits in the OE spot
Price: MSRP is $49.99
Purchase: Smittybilt, 888/717-5797, www.smittybilt.com

129 0712 19 z+cheap 4x4 upgrade parts+knobs

Billet-Aluminum Knobs
Purpose: Upgrade for your Atlas; they replace standard black knobs
Price: $42.95 per set
Purchase: Advance Adapters, 800/350-2223, www.advanceadapters.com

129 0712 20 z+cheap 4x4 upgrade parts+grab handles

Grab Handle
Purpose: Safety grip for rollbars, rollcages, and more
Price: MSRP is $39.99
Purchase: EK Ekcessories, 435/753-8448, www.ekusa.com

129 0712 21 z+cheap 4x4 upgrade parts+harness belt

Three-Point Retractable Harness Belt
Purpose: Safety of harness belt, but has a knob for mobility
Price: MSRP is $99
Purchase: Corbeau USA, 801/255-3737, www.corbeau.com

129 0712 22 z+cheap 4x4 upgrade parts+support handles

Sport Handles
Purpose: Features third mounting strap and 5-inch handle
Price: $39.95 per pair
Purchase: Mastercraft Seats, 800/565-4042, www.mastercraftseats.com

129 0712 23 z+cheap 4x4 upgrade parts+shifter knob

'96-'08 Dodge Aluminum Six-Speed Set
Purpose: Replaces stock trans and transfer-case knobs
Price: $66
Purchase: LiteGrip, 801/546-1375, www.litegrip.com

129 0712 26 z+cheap 4x4 upgrade parts+buggy bag

Buggy Bag
Purpose: Rollcage trail bag to hold beverage; has eyeglass compartment
Price: $99.99 per pair
Purchase: Poly Performance, 805/783-2060, www.polyperformance.com

129 0712 27 z+cheap 4x4 upgrade parts+floor mats

Floor Mats
Purpose: Custom-molded, slip-resistant, heavy-duty, textured mats
Price: $79.99
Purchase: Stylin' Trucks, 800/586-9713, www.stylintrucks.com

129 0712 28 z+cheap 4x4 upgrade parts+manifold

351 Manifold Adapter for '66-'77 Ford Bronco
Purpose: Fix hood-clearance probs; allows stock 351 truck lower and 5.0L HO car upper
Price: $99
Purchase: BC Broncos, 888/304-2945, www.bcbroncos.com

129 0712 31 z+cheap 4x4 upgrade parts+security box

Catch-All Xtreme The Security Box
Purpose: Has a dual-lock system, and can be made portable
Price: MSRP is $99.95
Purchase: TruckAccessory-guy.com, 866/798-8400, www.truckaccessoryguy.co

129 0712 29 z+cheap 4x4 upgrade parts+armrests

Armrests for Jeep CJ, YJ, TJ, and JK
Purpose: Patented design; no mods need to be made to the doors
Price: Starts at $59.95
Purchase: Misch 4x4 Products, 620/251-9100, www.misch4x4.com

129 0712 30 z+cheap 4x4 upgrade parts+lockbox

Mini Lockbox
Purpose: Fits just about anywhere; hides wallet, iPod, etc.
Price: $98
Purchase: Tuffy Security Products, 800/348-8339, www.tuffyproducts.com

129 0712 32 z+cheap 4x4 upgrade parts+zinc anode kit

Zinc Anode Kit
Purpose: Replaces drain petcock in radiators
Price: MSRP is $9
Purchase: Flex-a-lite, 800/851-1510, www.flex-a-lite.com

129 0712 33 z+cheap 4x4 upgrade parts+exhaust tip

ST3040 Exhaust Tip
Purpose: 3-inch tip for use with 2.75- and 3-inch exhaust pipes
Price: MSRP is $43
Purchase: Aero Performance Exhaust, 877/266-5356, www.aeroexhaust.com

129 0712 34 z+cheap 4x4 upgrade parts+diesel power pod

Diesel Power Pod
Purpose: One power source for all your accessories
Price: MSRP is $99
Purchase: BD Diesel Performance, 800/887-5030, www.dieselperformance.com

129 0712 35 z+cheap 4x4 upgrade parts+keyways

Lowering or Lifting Keyways
Purpose: "Reclock" a torsion-bar front end to 3 inches higher or lower
Price: $49 per pair
Purchase: Truck Suspension Lift Kits, 800/682-8789, www.tsliftkits.com

129 0712 36 z+cheap 4x4 upgrade parts+fan controller

Electronic Fan Controller
Purpose: Control a SPAL cooling fan based on engine temps
Price: MSRP is $89.95
Purchase: SPAL USA, 800/345-0327, www.spalusa.com

129 0712 37 z+cheap 4x4 upgrade parts+coil pack

'97-'99 Ford 4.6L Screamin' Demon Coil Packs
Purpose: Open your plug gaps to .065; get fatter spark
Price: MSRP is $99
Purchase: Performance Distributors, 901/396-5782, www.performancedistributors.com

129 0712 42 z+cheap 4x4 upgrade parts+body lifts

Jeep CJ, YJ, and TJ 1- and 2-inch body lifts
Purpose: Get a little more clearance for larger tires
Price: Starts around $79.95
Purchase: Collins Brothers, 800/699-5337, www.collinsbrosjeep.com

129 0712 43 z+cheap 4x4 upgrade parts+shim plate

Steel Axle Degree Shim Plated
Purpose: Correct pinion angle for driveshafts on a lifted vehicle
Price: About $53.34 per pair
Purchase: Deaver Spring, 714/542-3703, www.deaverspring.com

129 0712 44 z+cheap 4x4 upgrade parts+brake pads

7000 Brake Pads
Purpose: Low-dust Kevlar pads to reduce dust and improve braking
Price: $99 per axle set
Purchase: EBC Brakes, 818/362-5467, www.ebcbrakes.com

129 0712 45 z+cheap 4x4 upgrade parts+muffler

Flowmaster Super 44 Off-Road Muffler
Purpose: Heavy-duty with crush resistance; 10 configurations
Price: $92.95
Purchase: Summit Racing, 800/230-3030, www.summitracing.com

129 0712 46 z+cheap 4x4 upgrade parts+tip

T304 Stainless Tip
Purpose: 4x6x20-inch slant-cut, rolled-edge mirror-polished tip
Price: Retail is $96.91
Purchase: Hog Performance, 800/898-6220, www.hogperformance.com

129 0712 47 z+cheap 4x4 upgrade parts+leveling kits

Leveling Kits
Purpose: Level out the front of your truck
Price: $89.95
Purchase: NCD Customs, 805/983-7222, www.ncdcustoms.com

129 0712 49 z+cheap 4x4 upgrade parts+brake lines

Jeep HD Extended Brake Lines
Purpose: Replace rubber hoses with Kevlar/stainless steel
Price: MSRP is $95
Purchase: JKS Mfg., 308/762-6949, www.jksmfg.com

129 0712 50 z+cheap 4x4 upgrade parts+shock savers

'94-'98 Dodge 4x4 Shock Savers
Purpose: Keeps shafts pit-free by deflecting rocks/road grime
Price: Starts at $35 per pair
Purchase: Lorenz Ind., 619/300-3351, www.lorenzindustries.com

129 0712 51 z+cheap 4x4 upgrade parts+polished tips

T304 3- to 5-inch Stainless Steel Polished Tips
Purpose: Single- or double-wall; fits tailpipes 2.25 to 4 inches
Price: Starts at $83.95
Purchase: MagnaFlow, 949/858-5900, www.magnaflow.com

129 0712 52 z+cheap 4x4 upgrade parts+output shaft

'86-'93 Suzuki Samurai HD Transfer-Case Front-Output Shaft
Purpose: Drop-in replacement with longer tooth on the bottom
Price: $97
Purchase: Low Range Off-Road, 801/805-6644, www.lowrangeoffroad.com

129 0712 54 z+cheap 4x4 upgrade parts+steering stablilizer

Hydraulic Steering Stabilizer
Purpose: Damping shock for your steering
Price: Starts at $39
Purchase: Skyjacker Suspensions, 318/388-0816, www.skyjacker.com

129 0712 55 z+cheap 4x4 upgrade parts+leveling kit

'99-'08 GM 1500/2500 HD Leveling Kit
Purpose: Level your truck to fit 33-inch tires
Price: $99.99
Purchase: Off Road Unlimited, 888/365-0244, www.offroadunlimited.com

129 0712 56 z+cheap 4x4 upgrade parts+u joint

Super-Flex U-joint
Purpose: 10 degrees more of flexibility in driveshaft; reduce/stop binding
Price: $60 each
Purchase: Tom Wood's Custom Drive Shafts, 877/497-4238, www.4xshaft.com

129 0712 57 z+cheap 4x4 upgrade parts+leveling kit

Leveling Kit for '95-'04 Toyota Tacoma and Six-Lug Prerunner
Purpose: Tuff Country EZ-Ride 2-inch front-end kit
Price: Retails for $94
Purchase: Rocky Mountain Suspension Products, 800/742-3171, www.rockymountainsusp.com

129 0712 58 z+cheap 4x4 upgrade parts+leveling kit

'06-'07 Dodge 1500 Regular/Quad Cab Leveling Kit
Purpose: Run up to 35-inch tires on your four-by
Price: MSRP is $82.17
Purchase: Revtek Suspension, 877/543-8869, www.revtek.com

129 0712 59 z+cheap 4x4 upgrade parts+leveling kit

'06-'07 Dodge Ram 1500 Leveling Kit
Purpose: Lift the front end of the 4x4 2 inches
Price: $59.95
Purchase: Tuff Country EZ-Ride Suspension, 800/288-2190, www.tuffcountry.com

129 0712 60 z+cheap 4x4 upgrade parts+differential cover

eXtreme Ring
Purpose: Diff cover with 1/4-inch steel plate
Price: Retail starts at $99.95
Purchase: Superlift Suspension Systems, 800/551-4955, www.superlift.com

129 0712 61 z+cheap 4x4 upgrade parts+t case cover

Aluminum Dana 20 Transfer-Case Cover
Purpose: Adds rigidity to the 20 case for under high torque load
Price: $89.99
Purchase: Wild Horses 4x4, 209/943-0991, www.wildhorses4x4.com

129 0712 62 z+cheap 4x4 upgrade parts+skidplate

Differential Skidplate for Danas, Chrysler 8.25, and Ford 8.8
Purpose: Prevent rocks from destroying your diff cover
Price: MSRP is $60
Purchase: Rusty's Offroad, 256/442-0607, www.rustysoffroad.com

129 0712 63 z+cheap 4x4 upgrade parts+spindle gusset

Toyota Weld-On Spindle Gusset
Purpose: Eliminate a bent factory spindle on '06 FJ, '05-and-up Tacoma, or '03 4Runner
Price: $39.99 per pair
Purchase: Total Chaos Fabrication, 951/737-9682, www.chaosfab.com

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