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Reader's Rigs: Favorite 60 Trucks - Pavement Pounders

Passenger Side View
Robin Stover | Writer
Posted January 1, 2008
Photographers: The Readers of Four Wheeler

Cool Rigs In Weak Surroundings

Here at Four Wheeler, we have a rule that requires all Readers' Rigs photos to feature a 4x4 out on the trail, in the dirt, mud, sand, snow, rocks, water, or other form of non-man-made terrain. In other words, no pavement, concrete, parking lots, or lawns. However, in some rare circumstances we have no choice but to sift through our "pavement pounder" file and run a group of rigs that otherwise wouldn't make the cut, if not just to prove a point. So despite awesome build quality and stout componentry, the following street trucks are just not our thing. Get it dirty, that's what it's for!

Owner/Hometown: Matt Davis/Opelika, Alaska
What it is: '00 Chevy Z-71
The dirt: This street machine probably sees more dirt than others in this section, but Matt failed to send us a picture to prove it. The rig features a 6-inch Fabtech suspension lift along with a 3-inch body lift. This allows Matt to clear 38-inch Baja Claw Radials. Otherwise, the truck is stock for now.
Oh, and ...: A heavy-duty winch bumper up front houses two auxiliary lights but no winch, yet.

Owner/Hometown: Scott Lafleur/Whitinsville, Massachusetts
What it is: '00 F-350
The dirt: A stock 6.8L V-10 gets help from a Flowmaster exhaust system, while the stock automatic transmission and transfer case provide plenty of forward gears for late nights cruising the strip. A 6-inch Pro Comp suspension lift makes room for a set of 37-inch Super Swamper SSR tires. Rock Crusher diff covers defend even the meanest of parking curbs, while a limited-slip rear differential preserves the tires, day in and day out.
Oh, and ...: Scott assures us he plans to remove the goofy clear taillights that were installed prior to purchasing the truck.

Owner/Hometown: Unknown/unknown (sent via the Internet)
What it is: '57 Chevy Pickup
The dirt: This classic '57 Chevy body was grafted to a '78 1-ton Chevy 4x4 chassis. A 6-inch Rough Country lift provides ample clearance for 35-inch Pro Comp Xterrain tires. A small-block 350 V-8 was punched out 0.040 and assembled with a Scat crank and a long list of stout parts to handle the Weiand 174 Supercharger.
Oh, and ...: It has power brakes, power steering, and custom flamed seats.

Owner/Hometown: William Martindale/Ogden, Utah
What it is: '96 Ford Bronco
The dirt: As you can tell from the photo, William's Bronco doesn't see much dirt.
Oh, and ...: We couldn't miss the chrome Smittybilt nerf bars and sport bar William added.

Owner/Hometown: Mark Zippin/Chicopee, Massachusetts
What it is: '05 Dodge Power Wagon
The dirt: Mark works at a Dodge dealership and this was his idea of a marketing ploy.
Oh, and ...: The funny thing is, he sold the Camaro-twice!

Owner/Hometown: Brandon Thrasher/Elmwood, Illinois
What it is: '95 Ford F-250
The dirt: The 7.3L Power Stroke must have fun moving this mammoth through everyday traffic. A 4-inch suspension lift makes room for 36-inch Super Swamper IROK radial tires. A K&N intake system, along with 4-inch straight-pipe exhaust, helps Brandon turn heads at every intersection. Much of this rig's time is spent hauling a quad around.
Oh, and ...: It features Ranch Hand bumpers front and rear, just in case traffic gets really nasty.

Owner/Hometown: Troy Ayler/Manville, Indiana
What it is: '86 Ford Ranger
The dirt: Sporting a 460 big-block, headers, and a flame paint job, we bet this rig gets all kinds of attention while cruising through mall parking lots around Manville, Indiana.
Oh, and ...: 44-inch Ground Hawgs, a full rollcage, and triple shocks per wheel give this rig a competitive edge that is straight out of the'80s.

Owner/Hometown: Tracy Jackson/Charleston, South Carolina
What it is: '01 GMC Z-71
The dirt: This photo is a great example of how not to shoot your rig. Although this is a pretty nice-looking truck, the way it was shot makes it difficult for us to see. The big problem here is the person taking the picture was pointing the camera towards the sun instead of away from it. Notice the glare off the windshield, or the shadow in the foreground. These are telltale signs of an inexperienced shooter. Did we forget to mention we hate grass shots?
Oh, and ...: The rig rides on a 6-inch Superlift with rear lift springs. It also sports a custom-tuned ECU and 35-inch BFG M-Ts.

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