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May 2010 Letters to the Editor

Posted May 1, 2010

Read the answers to your questions and responses to your complaints/praises!

February Is For Valentines, Unless It Isn't
It's interesting how you left out the Nissan Titan from the "Half-Ton Haul-Off" (Feb. '10) after you praised its towing abilities in your long-term tester. More interesting is the fact that you praise Toyota for its bed step, given that Nissan has made the bed step available on its Titan for two years already, starting with the 2008 model year. Nissan also beat the competition with its damped tailgate and active head restraints. How about giving the Titan credit when credit is due?
Ron Peles
Stewartsville, NJ

I can't tell you how pleased I was with the articles in your Feb. '10 issue. Your "Kalahari Burning" piece was wonderfully written, interesting, and descriptive of an adventure most of us will never have the opportunity to enjoy. I hope that you will continue to publish the follow-up pieces. "Huey" contributed to the diversity of the magazine and gave a great history of the origin of Land Rover. Your "Half-Ton Haul-Off" was informative and impartial and well appreciated. Please keep up the good work. Your magazine is great and reminds me again that our sport has something for everyone.
Larry Keller
Long Beach, CA

I am writing to express my utter contempt and disdain with your "Half-Ton Haul-Off" comparison test. How is it a fair comparison test when the vehicles are not similarly equipped? Specifically, I am speaking about the Tundra and the strange choice to include the 4.6L V-8 in a Tow test and not the 5.7L-equipped Tundra. The 4.6L has 71 fewer horsepower and 74 fewer lb.-ft of torque, and when both are equipped with the tow package, the 4.6L has a 4.10:1 gear ratio while the 5.7L has a 4.30:1 gear ratio. The 5.7L-equipped Tundra can also tow 1,400 more pounds than the 4.6L, which would put all four trucks tested within 1,000 pounds max towing capacity. All in all, I am disappointed with this Detroit-biased review. Next time, let's compare apples to apples and get similarly equipped trucks, please.
Tony Durik
Fort Bragg, NC

I have a little bit of a gripe with the content that has been put in the magazine. I have been a long time reader and subscriber. I just got my February issue the other day and it is pitiful. I didn't know this magazine was turning into Motor Trend. There is one instance of wheeling in the whole magazine (unless you count the Kalahari trip). Your publication is called Four Wheeler, so why have two pickup-truck comparisons, five pages of a trip across the Kalahari, five pages on filters, two-plus pages on a tuner, four pages on a truck race, and only three measly pages about the Jeepers Jamboree? I wasn't there and have no affiliation with them, but that article is the only real resemblance to wheeling in the whole magazine.

The Land Rover you have as the feature off-road vehicle is a classic show truck, not a wheeler. Why not stick most of this crap you are putting in here about new trucks and comparisons, and other non-wheeling items, on the website? I am getting tired of going to the throne, sitting down to read my magazine and just getting ill about all the useless things put into the magazine called Four Wheeler, not Motor Trend or Car and Driver. Help us real-life wheelers who want to see rigs, not street trucks and show trucks. Show things like full hydro steering and how to build cages and onboard air. These are the things wheelers like-not this other comparison-shopping magazine that yours has become.
Black Mountain, NC

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