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August 2010 Letters

Four Wheeler Magazine June Cover
Four Wheeler Staff | Writer
Posted August 1, 2010

A Retired Army Officer, Toyota Loyalist, & More!

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A Convoy Thru the Past & to the Present
Just received the June '10 issue. Loved it. I especially appreciated the "Convoy Thru Time" article.

As a retired Army officer, I have a warm spot in my heart for military vehicles. In fact, I recently purchased a basket-case '82 GMC Jimmy with the 6.2L diesel because it reminds me of the CUCV Blazers that I spent so much time in.

Anyway, as a point of interest for the 1919 journey, one of those officers was a recently promoted major, who along with his friend (a rather reserved and easygoing captain named George Patton) had become enraptured with the potential offered by mechanization. The cross-country trip was in many ways the brainchild of the major. As you noted in the article, the trip was, shall we say, "difficult" in the best of times.

Later, as a general in World War II, he was so impressed by the German Autobahn (especially when compared to the "roads" that the army had to use in the drive across France), that upon returning to the States he was determined to see that the U.S. developed a similar system of high-speed roads.

You should know his name-our interstate highway system was named in his honor: President Dwight David Eisenhower. Not bad for a barefoot boy from Abilene, Kansas, huh?
Quincy Ryan
Captain (Ret.)
U.S. Army
Colorado Springs, CO

Caution: Contains Dana 20-Like Substance
I just finished reading an awesome article about the Dana 20 transfer case in my June 2010 issue.

Have you ever heard the phrase "You get what you pay for"? Mel Wade is probably laughing his shorts off after letting you take apart that Dana 300 and write a story about it.

Just remember that everyone screws up once in a while, but few have the chance to do it in a full-color three-page article. So how about a Dana 300 article next month?
Dan Lightbody
Lincoln, NE

You already read it, smarty pants. See the next letter.

Nice article on Dana 20 transfer case, but all the pictures are of a Dana 300. Dana never made a Model 20 with a round bolt pattern.
Ben Frazier
Via the Internet

Good catch-and yep, for the record, we got our 'cases mixed up. But other than that, it was a pretty great story, no?

Size Doesn't Matter . . . Does It?
After reading your evaluation of the "Big Blue" 2010 Ram 2500 (May '10), I have to say I am very disappointed in it. You had the truck for two weeks, and all you can do is write one page with three photos. I feel that only driving the truck on family outings and commuting to work in it may be what a truck is used for 90 percent of the time. You are a magazine entitled Four Wheeler, yet you never took the truck on anything more than a fire road? Meanwhile, one of your sister publications, Diesel Power, recently tested the same truck. They did a dyno test, mud run, trail excursion, and road test-all within one week. They also did a three-page article and included eight photos of the truck. It's also worth noting that they did a price list, just like you. However, they remembered the $300 2-inch leveling kit that helped clear the 35-inch tires.

My final rant is about the actual magazine itself. While I subscribe to both magazines, I was disappointed to receive only 98 pages with Four Wheeler when my Diesel Power magazine came with 186 pages. That is a ridiculous difference, since for the same price of my Diesel Power subscription I am getting half the magazine with you.
Jeremy D.
Hancock, MD

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