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February 2011 Letters to the Editor

November Cover
Posted February 1, 2011

Land Use 101 and Mo' Better Beaters

Land Use 101 & Where To Wheel
I picked up your Nov. '10 issue off the magazine rack simply because of the headline "Will Four-Wheeling Be Banned?" and the smaller tagline "Where to Keep Wheeling." Living in Idaho, I had at one time been fortunate to have access to public lands that were relatively wheeling-friendly. Sadly, two of the three areas you listed in Idaho to wheel in, the Clearwater National Forrest and Nez Perce National Forest are not at all OHV-friendly, unless you consider wheeling to be driving on a dwindling number of graded roads you're out of luck, as I and most Idahoans are.

Our hobby is surely under attack, and I don't wish to seem as if I am faulting you at all. I'm afraid that nearly all of the areas you listed that have "National Forest" in their names are the same-stay on the road or you're fined. It is past time that we fight back. Vote, donate, join, and run for office. I know I will.

P.S. Take full advantage of the Saint Anthony Dunes while you can-just don't expect to be able to drive your fullsize rig: buggies, bikes and quads only.
Luke Baldwin
Lewiston, ID

Great job with the magazine. I enjoy reading it, front to back, when I receive it in the mail.

I do have a correction for you in your November issue. You listed Savoy Mountain State Park in Massachusetts as a place to go wheeling. It used to be open to ATVs and dirt bikes, but was closed to those uses about five years (or so) ago. Trucks and SUVs have never been allowed on those trails, even though there's a problem with illegal wheeling there. There are a few unmaintained town roads in the area, but they're not under control of the state. You might be referring to Old Florida Road, which starts in Adams and ends in Florida. This is an old town road that I would hate to see shut down due to larger problems with illegal OHV use, because I've heard that some people within the Department of Conservation and Recreation have tried unsuccessfully to close it down in the past.
Brenden Trela
Windsor, MA

I was disappointed that my local ORV areas were left out. I'm originally from Maryland, and my first time off-roading was at Greenridge State Forest. The trail there can be done in a stock or lightly modified 4x4, but it's still fun.
Patrick Minnick
Kings Point, NY

I noticed a misprint in your November issue. Blue Mountain Recreation Park in Kentucky is actually Black Mountain.
Josh LaFountain
Scottsburg, IN

The Chatsworth area in the Pine Barrens is no longer in service. You didn't miss anything-it was only meant to be used for a few years and then surrendered back for wear and tear. (A "trial run," if you will.) It really wasn't cool anyway, but it was legal. The Barrens themselves have many trails to cruise, but nothing too extreme. (All the good places are illegal to be on.) I live near there and wheel there a lot. The wheeling's not hard, but it's relaxing.
Brick, NJ

Judging by what's missing from your list of trails, you guys need to do a little more local wheeling. Ever heard of Truckhaven Hills?
David Garza
El Centro, CA

Oh, that place.

Thanks to all who wrote in response to this issue. We always appreciate being kept up to date with the latest local news on trail closures, and we're always happy to learn about "new" wheeling areas we hadn't known about previously. We also want to keep our list of accessible wheeling spots as current and accurate as possible, so we welcome any and all corrections as they occur.

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