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May 2011 Inbox - Letters to the Editor

Ford Raptor Front Side Shot
Posted May 1, 2011

Searching for Superburb, V-12 for Land Cruiser, and More!

Baja-Ready Apples & Diesel Oranges
I do enjoy reading your mag every month, but the Mar. '11 issue bothered me a bit. I'm sure I'm not the only reader ranting about this, but here it goes.

Your 2011 Pickup Truck of The Year: Really, you guys will do anything to "test" the Raptor, but to put the Raptor up against two diesels and not "test" towing or payload is rather disappointing. I will race a Corvette any day with my Jeep as long as I can pick the track. That's what you guys did with the 2011 Pickup of The Year-you took two HD tow rigs and "tested" them against a Baja-ready race truck.
Joe Culling
Hawthornwoods, IL

Everybody Wants to be an Art Director
What the heck is the deal with the eye charts in your "new" magazine (Mar. '11)? Whatever you changed, it sucks!

Fire the person who approved this new smaller font = dumbass.

Oh, I notice the advertisers' fonts are plenty big enough to read. Hope they buy a lot of magazines, cause until I can actually read your mag again without getting a headache, I'm out.

It's amazing the stupid decisions people make. Have a nice day.
Somewhere in AK

I read the entire magazine from cover to cover, just like I always do. I have to say that I like the new layout very much! The new font and layout of the articles is very similar to that of one of the diesel magazines that I get, so it is very easy for me to transition to the new Four Wheeler. As for the content this month, I have to say that I was a little disappointed. I figured that being the first edition of the new layout, there would be some really, really "Wow!"-type articles in it. I would have to say that the article I enjoyed best was the coverage of the Dustin Chernoh's Jeep. That's one heck of a ride that, as Ken Brubaker said, anyone would be envious of. It's things like that that I love to see in the magazine-the built-up vehicle features-so I can get ideas for the build that I am doing. Be it the subtle curves of an exocage, or a full-on double-triangulated four-link mounting on a Rockwell axle, those are the things I love to see.

When I saw the articles about changing a ring and pinion after reading about that built-up hulk of a Jeep, I just felt like putting the magazine down (to be completely honest!). I know there are many readers out there who can't change a ring and pinion, and that is some serious tech that they would love to see. But for the more experienced off-road enthusiast, it's like going to an all-you-can-eat buffet and finding that there is only one piece of everything. Do you catch my drift?

I have sent in a couple of previous emails with my input and suggestions about bringing back the "mega-builds"-something like the Project Mega Titan used to be-a series of articles that go through the buildup of a state-of-the-art wheelin' machine: Something that makes off-road enthusiasts like myself look forward to the next issue as soon as they finish reading the new one. That's something the magazine has been missing since it finished the Mega-Titan and Teal Brute projects. I'm sure I speak for a lot of people when I ask for you to bring back times like that.

While I'm sitting here typing this email to you, I have your Top Truck Challenge 2010 on my 60-inch HD screen right now, and I just got off the phone with Stan Pruiett to discuss the build I am doing of the next T-Rex in hopes of bringing a 6x6 to victory in TTC. I watch these DVDs over and over again to study the suspension movement, the snorkel usage, and even the tire types and how they perform in the various events. This is my hobby and my love!
Matt Klouzek
Fruita, CO

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