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June 2011 Willies Workbench

Posted in Features on June 1, 2011
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Willie’s Workbench
The Four Wheeler Engine IQ Test
I was sitting around bench racing with some guys, and the subject of engine names came up. What brought up the subject, or who initiated it, I don’t remember, but it did bring up the fact that engines used to have cool names like Rocket, Supersonic, Go-Devil, and Blue Flame. Names give kind of a personal pride to the engine, unlike just numbers. You used to hear guys say things like, Yeah, I swapped out the old Commander Six for a Super 8. Or maybe, The Mouse motor did okay, but the big Rat made a world of difference in towing ability.

Just for fun this month, I’ve first listed a bunch of motors by name. Some are official factory names, and others are just unofficial monikers. Do you know what vehicles they came in, their cubic inches and horsepower ratings? Have fun trying to match them up. The answers are somewhere else in this issueyou’ll have to hunt around on your own to find it. And no fair cheating!

Okay, some of these motors are older than a majority of our readers. There is a darn good chance that you may have never heard of some, or in fact, any of them. I might have even made a mistake on some of the names since I’m as old as some of these engines. Give it a try, and be sure to let me know how well you do or any other names you can think of. I can be reached at

1. Boss
2. Blue Flame
3. Blue Streak
4. Cobra Jet
5. Commander
6. Custom 8
7. Dauntless
8. Elephant
9. Firedome
10. Fireflight
11. Fire Power
12. Get Away
13. Go Devil
14. Hi Torque
15. Hurricane
16. Iron Duke
17. Invader
18. InVincible 8
19. Interceptor
20. J-2 Tri-Power
21. Jimmy
22. Mileage Maker
23. Mouse
24. Nailhead
25. Pace Setter
26. Passmaster
27. Porcupine
28. Power Master
29. Power Pack
30. Power Tech 6
31. Rat
32. Ram Jet
33. Rebel
34. Red Ram
35. Red Seal
36. Rocket
37. Semi Hemi
38. Spyder
39. Spitfire
40. Strato-Star
41. Stovebolt Six
42. Supersonic
43. Super 6
44. Super 8
45. Super Hurricane
46. Super Marauder
47. Taskmaster
48. Thriftmaster
49. Thunderhead
50. Thunder Jet
51. Tornado
52. Comanche
53. Trademaster
54. Super Turbo-Thrust
55. Twin H Power
56. Vigilante
57. Y Block
58. Turbo Thrust
59. Golden Lion
60. Super D-500

Workbench Answers
1. 351ci Ford performance engine built on the Cleveland blockor, the 302ci V-8. Name later used for a particular 429ci Ford engine.
2. 236ci Chevy I-6.
3. High torque 250ci six-cylinder Chevy that made 115 horsepower.
4. 429 Ford performance engine; higher-horsepower version referred to as a Super Cobra Jet.
5. Studebaker 232ci I-6; 120 horsepower.
6. 356ci V-8 Packard; 160 horsepower.
7. 225ci Jeep V-6 motor bought from Buick and used from 1965-71; also refers to the 350ci V-8 Buick used by Jeep.
8. Original Chrysler Hemi V-8 (from the size of the valve covers).
9. 276ci DeSoto V-8; 160 horsepower.
10. Another Chrysler-built Hemi; 255 horsepower.
11. 331ci Chrysler Hemi I-8; 180 horsepower, used from 1951-55.
12. 230ci Dodge I-6; 103 horsepower, used form 1949-53.
13. 134ci flathead I-4; used in all Jeeps from Willys MB through CJ-3A.
14. 250ci Nash Ambassador ’56 V-8; also a 232ci OHV six-cylinder used by Jeep. Name also used by Chevy to describe certain small-block V-8s used in trucks from the late ’60s to early ’80s.
15. 134ci F- head motor use in Jeep vehicles from 1955 to the early ’60s.
16. 2.5L I-4 built by GM; used in several cars as well as some Jeep vehicles.
17. 350, 427 and 454ci GMC and Chevy truck engines in the ’60s.
18. Lincoln L-head V-8 used in car and truck applications from 1932-53; 154 horsepower.
19. 312ci Ford police Y-block V-8; 210 horsepower, used from 1957-60. Name later used in 1968-69 for 429ci FE V-8.
20. 371ci Oldsmobile version of Pontiac Tri-Power V-8 used from 1957-58; 271 horsepower. Used three two-barrel carbs.
21. 270ci GMC-only I-6 truck engine; 92 horsepower, used 1941-62. Later increased to 302 cubic inches. Name is sometimes used to refer to any six-cylinder GM truck engine.
22. 215ci Ford I-6; 101 horsepower, used from 1952-64.
23. Small-block Chevy V-8; used from 1955-2003 in displacements ranging from 265 to 400 cubic inches.
24. Buick 322/425ci V-8; used from 1953-66. Name referred to its small valve size.
25. 224ci Studebaker V-8; 140 horsepower, used in 1955.
26. 259ci Studebaker V-8, 185 horsepower, used from 1955-63.
27. 427ci Chevrolet V-8; 430 to 500 horsepower; first tested in 1963 and later used in varying displacements from 1965-69 in Chevrolets and from 1967-69 in Corvettes. Replaced in 1970 by the 454ci V-8. Name refers to the way the valves in the head were splayed.
28. 236ci Desoto flathead I-6; 112 horsepower, used from 1948-50.
29. 265ci Chevy V-8, equipped with dual exhaust and four-barrel carb; 180 to 225 horsepower; used from 1955-56.
30. 4.0L Jeep I-6; 177 to 190 horsepower. First used in Cherokees and later in Wranglers from 1987-2007.
31. 366ci Chevy tall-deck big-block V-8; 300 horsepower. Originally designed for medium-duty trucks and buses. Shared the same block as the 427ci V-8, and used from 1966-1995.
32. Fuel-injected 283ci Chevrolet V-8; 283 to 315 horsepower, used from 1957-67. Also used to refer to ’96-and-later high-output version of 502ci V-8.
33. 327ci AMC Rambler V-8; 255 horsepower, used from1957-66.
34. 241ci Dodge Hemi V8; 140 horsepower, used from 1953-54.
35. 226ci Continental L-head I-6; 115 horsepower, used from 1947-62. Used as an industrial motor and in some Kaiser cars; later used in Jeeps and renamed Super Hurricane.
36. 303ci Oldsmobile V-8; 135 horsepower, used from 1949-1953. Later built in 324-, 371- and 394ci displacements.
37. Generally associated with Ford 429ci Boss V-8; 375 to 500 horsepower, used from 1968-73. Sometimes used to refer to the 396ci Chevy V-8 that replaced the 409ci in 1965.
38. 164ci turbocharged Corvair I-4; 150 horsepower, used 1964. Also known as Monza Spyder, with a smaller-displacement version used in 1962-63.
39. First used for the Chrysler 251ci I-6; 116 horsepower, used 1948-mid-’50s. Later used for 331ci V-8; 180 horsepower , used 1955-58.
40. 239/255ci Ford flathead V-8; 110 horsepower, used 1949-53.
41. Nickname for 216/235ci Chevy I-6; 85 to 150 horsepower, used 1947-57.
42. 226ci Continental/Kaiser-Frazer I-6; 112 horsepower, used 1952-55.
43. Used to describe a variety of Hudson I-6 engines used from 1916-57. Most commonly used for 262ci I-6; 123 horsepower, 1948-57.
44. 327ci AMC Rambler V-8; 150 horsepower, used 1957-60.
45. 226ci flathead I-6 used by Jeep in utility wagons and trucks; 155 horsepower, used 1954-63.
46. 406ci six-valve Mercury V-8; 405 horsepower, used 1963-65.
47. Four-barrel version of 283ci Chevy small-block V-8; 185 horsepower, used 1957-62. Also known as Super Taskmaster.
48. 261ci Chevy I-6 used in medium-duty trucks and buses; 140 horsepower, used 1954-62. Also used to describe 216/235ci Chevy I-6; 78 to 112 horsepower, used 1937-53.
49. 226ci Continental I-6 later used in Jeeps; 112 horsepower, used 1954-63.
50. Ford 429ci V-8; 360 horsepower, used from 1968-73.
51. 230ci OHC AMC I-6 used in Jeep trucks and Wagoneers; 140 horsepower, used 1963-69.
52. 152hp I-4 used in IH Scouts from 1960-69; was actually one bank of a 304ci V-8.
53. 265ci Chevy V-8; 162 horsepower, used from 1955-58.
54. 348c Chevy V-8; 250 to 315 horsepower, used 1958-64.
55. 308ci Hudson dual-carb I-6; 145 to 175 horsepower, used 1951-57.
56. 327ci AMC V-8 used in Jeep Wagoneers and pickups; 250 horsepower, used 1965-69.
57. 239/256/272/292ci /Ford OHV V-8; 106 to 200 horsepower, used 1954-64.
58. 348ci Chevy V-8; 250 horsepower, used 1958-61.
59. 383 and 413ci Chrysler Wedge V-8s, which replaced the original Hemi in Chrysler cars; 305 horsepower (3833), used 1959-71.
60. Dodge variant of Chrysler 383 and 413ci engine with dual four-barrel carbs; 430 horsepower (413), used 1960-73.

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