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Front Ford 9 Inch Axle

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Up front, a Ford 9-inch axle sits in the space formerly occupied by the factory Dana/Spicer 25 axle. The Currie-built 9-inch sports modified GM Dana 44 knuckles, a Truetrac differential, 4.86 gears, Currie 31-spline chromoly axleshafts, early ’70s GM ½-ton disc brakes, and Warn lockout hubs. The 34-inch tires are aimed via a power steering system that includes a Chevy El Camino-sourced pump and pitman arm; custom drag link made from 1.125-inch-diameter, 0.188-inch-wall chromoly DOM tubing with Mountain Off-Road Enterprises (M.O.R.E.) rod ends; a custom steering arm; and a custom tie rod made from 1.250-inch-diameter, 0.188-inch-wall tubing with M.O.R.E. rod ends. The rigs suspension still uses the stock leaves but Regner removed four leaves in an attempt to smooth the ride and improve articulation (as you’ll read in a moment, he says it didn’t really help). Shocks are Rancho RS5000 units. In regards to the front suspension, Regner says, “I’ve toyed with the idea of doing away with the front leaf-spring suspension and replacing it with an early Ford Bronco coil spring setup. I’m a little reluctant to attack this project, as I currently have absolutely no bad steering mannerisms. It tracks well and there is zero bumpsteer. I’ve only mused over this as a result of the pathetic articulation and Conestoga wagon-like ride quality.”