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Rear Ford 9 Inch Axle

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Out back, the stock Timken axle has been replaced with a Ford 9-inch. This Currie-built axle has a Detroit Locker, 4.86 gears, 31-spline chromoly axleshafts, and Ford Torino drum brakes. Like the front, the rear suspension is still using the factory leaf springs, but Regner removed four of the nine leaves in the pack in an attempt to smooth the ride and improve articulation. Also like the front, a Rancho RS5000 shock resides at each wheel. Both the front and rear axles are fed by Tom Wood’s Custom Driveshafts ’shafts with 1310 U-joints. Regner says he opted for 1310 U-joints because they act as a fuse in the driveline and they’re readily available. He also notes that he hasn’t broken one yet.