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1967 Jeepster Commando Roadster Dauntless 225 V6

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The Dauntless 225 V-6 was a popular option. Most were delivered with TH400 automatics that sucked up a lot of power, so this manual trans Commando is pretty fast on its feet. The V-6 engine was purchased from Buick, who later sold the tooling to Jeep. It was based on the 300ci V-8 and shared the same bore, stroke & many internal parts. Because it was essentially a V-8 with two cylinders lopped off, and retained the V-8 firing order, it was an odd-fire engine with gaps in the firing order for the missing V-8 cylinders. It was a bit rough and that had been a liability in cars but the heavy flywheel used in Jeeps helped a lot. Buick bought the engine back from AMC in 1974 and later refined the engine to even-fire with a V-6 firing order. The evolution of this engine was the Buick 231ci of the ’70s that became one of the most popular Jeep swaps of all time. This early engine has the oil-bath air cleaner. Later engines used a paper filter. Power brakes were available this year, but this C101 doesn't have them.