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1989 GMC Jimmy - Decked Out Photos

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The exterior of the Jimmy is like a how-to lesson in making a fullsize truck more trail capable. With the doors and hardtop removed, Decker has vastly improved visibility. He created more body-to-ground clearance and more room for the 42-inch Super Swamper TSLs (on Humvee double-beadlock wheels) by installing a 2" Energy Suspension body lift. Protecting the rocker panels is a pair of custom 2x3-inch, 0.250-inch-wall rock sliders. Decker can illuminate even the darkest trails thanks to three bumper-mounted ACRO HID flood lights, six roof-mounted HID lights, and eight Vision X LED lights mounted underneath the truck. Up front, the stock fenders have been replaced with a pair of race-style fiberglass fenders and the hood is completely removable and affixed by four hood pins. By now you’ve probably noticed that front of the rig doesn’t look like an ’89 GMC Jimmy. That’s because it has been updated with Chevy truck parts, circa 1992. The truck is painted Krylon Sunrise Red (yep, it’s a rattle-can paint job, 12 cans to be exact).
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