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May 2013 Letters To The Editor

Jeep Jk In Sand
John Cappa | Writer
Posted May 1, 2013
Photographers: Four Wheeler Archives

Our Readers Write Back

Budget Built
OK, it's Friday night and I just finished a 10-hour day at work. I was pleasantly surprised to find the February '13 issue of Four Wheeler in my mailbox when I got home. Now it could be the adult beverages talking, but I had to write in to respond to Steve Rey's rant regarding the new direction of the magazine (Inbox).

I could not disagree with him more, and I know I'm not alone. I like the way you guys are doing more features about poor-man and budget buildups. The thing I hate/hated about Four Wheeler and other 4x4 publications were the $100,000 buggy buildups. I would and still do skip right over them whenever I come across one. I'm never going to have the coin to build one, and if I did, I wouldn't spend the money on a rig when my budget-built '84 Toyota can and does go the same places they do.

In years past when I would read about Top Truck Challenge, I would read only about the truck that most resembled mine or which one looked like the cheapest to build. I wanted to know how that truck did. I couldn't care less how the $100,000 (insert fab company name here) buggy did.

Sure, big money trucks and buggies are cool to look at every now and again, but I want to see what other people are building on a budget. Those are the pics that I put up on my garage wall.
Adam Litke
Grass Valley, CA

The New Best Ever?
I never take time to write to any magazines, but I was inspired to do so when I read "Best Ever" by Erik Slye in the October '12 issue Inbox.

I just was looking at my February '13 issue, and thought this one might be the new best ever. Your tech section on suspension was great. I'm sure I'm a little smarter now than before this issue came.

I was sad when you left Jp, but it looks like you're going to do just fine in your new home.

Maybe we will cross paths again, up in the local mountains, doing some snow wheeling.
Keith Davis
Via email

Better Luck Next Month
I'm a long-time reader of 4x4 mags; I really enjoy Four Wheeler and where it has gone since you became editor.

As I was reading the February '13 issue I actually found myself checking the front cover to make sure it wasn't Jp magazine.

The '13 Four Wheeler of the Year is Jeep versus Jeep, followed by the eBay Jeepster, followed by the 10th Anniversary Rubicon, with the long-term '12 Wrangler Rubicon report to wrap it all up.

I enjoyed each of those articles, but where is the variety?

On a different note, what the f#%k is "Are You a Real Man"?

Get that crap out of Four Wheeler for good. No trucks, no tech, just a bunch of bull with nothing to do with wheeling at all. Those three pages would have been better off as advertising or another Jeep article.

Again, John Cappa, I like you and this magazine, tough luck about your February issue. Better luck next month.
Mike Volkwyn
Kelowna BC Canada

Local Hero
I've been meaning to drop a line for some time (since the January '13 issue hit the newsstands). Between end of the year work commitments and the holidays, I've been running around like my hair has been on fire.

I really wanted to thank you for the great article you published on my "collection of parts." You really made my truck look great, and as a side effect made me into somewhat of a minor local celebrity on and near the base. The whole experience has been excellent, and I consider myself very fortunate to have been a part of it all. When I made the choice to volunteer my time out at KOH, I never expected any reward or recognition. To see my beater on the cover of Four Wheeler as an associated result was absolutely mind-blowing!

Once again, allow me to extend my sincere (albeit tardy) thanks on the great job you and your staff do, not only with the article on my truck, but on every issue of Four Wheeler.
Paul Regner
Via email

NV vs. ZF
In your January '13 issue in the Techline department, Charley Sunderhaus asked about a good transmission to put or behind his 5.0L Ford. Your response was an NV4500 and Advance Adapters parts. I disagree completely, as I installed a ZF from an F-350 into my Bronco behind my 5.8L and I couldn't be more pleased. It's a great shifting transmission, has a decent low First gear and Reverse, as well as an overdriven Fifth gear. The swap is all stock, no issues with adapters and a custom clutch and such.

I feel you missed providing Charley some important information with regard to using a small-block Ford ZF transmission and did him and others who read your magazine a disservice.

I purchase your magazine monthly and enjoy it thoroughly. I'm looking forward to seeing Top Truck with the new rules, as well as all the variety you guys put in every issue.
Al McCormick
Cawston, British Columbia, Canada

J8 Wronged
I miss reading your crap in Jp magazine, but what I really want to ask is how do I get a Jeep J8 for off-roading in the Arctic? You see, I need one. I don't just want it, I need it (treacherous weather and terrain, and such). That's a legitimate concern, right? We were teased by the offering of the stronger frame, body, axles, T-case, rear suspension, and the diesel. AEV almost sold it, then Chrysler pulled the plug on that, too. We were wronged, and yet I can't get it out of my head. I know this isn't your job, and this is a misdirected request, but you're not timid about sharing your opinion. Maybe you can help me (legally) acquire this beast. As always, excellent work.
Barrow, AK

Sub Trouble
I am having trouble with my subscription. I paid for a two-year subscription and I still haven't received an issue.
J.D. Nelson

If you are having trouble with your subscription you can reach our subscriber services department by calling 800/777-0555, email,or write to Four Wheeler Magazine, P.O. Box 420235, Palm Coast, FL 32142-0235.

Stepping Up
Just wanted to mention that the January '13 issue is the best one in ages. I'm not entirely sure why, but I think the combination of old barn finds and new vehicle tests added a huge variety. I loved having all those old iron stories in one issue. It was so inspiring. Also, the writing has been awesome lately. That one issue was worth my 10 bucks for the year. I wish Petersen's 4-Wheel & Off-Road would step it up sometimes.
Edward Laag
Via email

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