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1957 International Harvester A 120 4x4 Divorced Transfer Case

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The divorced transfer case is an early version of what would become the NP205. IH called it the TC-140 and it has the same 1.96:1 low range as the later New Process unit. The trans was the Warner Gear T-9 (IH designation T-10), which was a spur gear, non-synchro unit. Call it the low-rent four-speed option. The T-98A was its helical-gear cousin with synchros on all but low gear and it was on the options list for 1957. You can see the Danasourced D44F (FA-15 in IH-speak), closed knuckle axle up front. This truck came originally with 4.55:1 gears up front and 4.77:1 in back but Tara’s family changed the gears to 4.10:1 to make the truck a little more street drivable. The 4.10:1 cogs were on the options list for 1957.