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November 1998 Readers' Rigs

Posted in Features on November 1, 1998
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Midlife Crisis
Rick Thomas bought his '92 Wrangler new (as a 40th birthday present for himself) as a fixer-upper project. When asked how much he's spent thus far, he replies, "I can't count that high.'' There are a large number of modifications and additions, including a full rollcage, the usual good stereo system, and one add-on we think is excellent in the heat of Henderson, Nevada-a 12-volt refrigerator.

Modest Mods
From Terra Alta, West Virginia, comes Michael Roy's un-named, un-overmodified S-10. Michael knew better than to tamper with the Vortec V-6, adding only a dual exhaust. With 4.10:1 gears, it now turns Thornbirds easier, and the '90 has a 3-inch body lift. Michael purchased the Chevy for a mere $200, and has done all work himself, including body and paint.

Urban Nissan
"Little Green Giant'' is the moniker attached to this '94 Nissan XE by owner Matthew Hopper of Glen Mills, Pennsylvania. And green it is, but a very dark green. Matt's little "monster'' gets some extra oomph from a chip and a K&N filter. It gets elevation from a 3-inch body lift, and gets sound from Sony and Pioneer. And, says Matt, even though it's not the biggest truck in the state, it has pulled out two full-size pickups out of thick mud. Too bad Matt couldn't get out of the parking lot for the photo.

An F-250 In The Woods
Gordy "Swampy'' Scarbrough submitted this photo of his '89 pickup in the woods around Columbus, Georgia. A fair amount of accessories, including an ever-practical tool box, have been added by Gordy, but by his own admission, the only award that ever could have been won by this F-250 is "Dirtiest Truck'' . . . Something all serious four wheelers can relate to.

"It's A Go-Anywhere, Do-Anything Vehicle''
Dave Waggoner (who really should be driving a four-door Jeep) of Laguna Beach, California, has put a lot of time and money into his "Urban Tank'' (as spelled out by his license plate). Dave estimates he's done 95 percent of the work on the '97 F-150, including all of the electrical (of which there are many) and exterior add-ons. Being a paramedic, Dave is prepared for all contingencies with jack, axes, trauma kit, towing and rappelling ropes, assorted camping gear, and more.

Sticker Shock
Todd Walters' rear window (on the F-100, not the house) kind of resembles an Indy car-a mobile billboard for as many companies as you can cram on there. The '73 pickup is named "Little Toe'' because, says Todd, "It's not a Bigfoot.'' As usual, a meaningful stereo with lots of speakers provides the entertainment. A trip to the trails near St. Petersburg, Florida, could, too, since this 4x2 has the tires and ground clearance for exploration

It's very obvious that Kenneth Welch's Ranger has really big tires-44-inch Swampers. Obvious also that it's black, hence its name: "Black Beast.'' This '91 is fairly stock except for axles and suspension, the front now being a Dana 44 with 4.56:1 gears. With 9-inch coils, 4-inch leaves, and more, Kenneth, of Panama City, Florida, states that his pickup is 18 inches over stock. Yet, even with only a V-6 for power, he did get out to a nice setting for the picture.

Bucolic Nissan
Pictured nicely in front of a couple of unidentified farm animals, this "East Texas Nissan'' is owned by Scott Robinson. Scott bought the '91 used, had to replace the tailgate, and had it all repainted Dodge Viper red. The engine and drivetrain are stock, but not the 3-plus-3-inch lifts or the beefy tires. Nor is the stereo system, which surely boogies 'til the cows come home in Lufkin, Texas.

Clear Cutting
On the cutting edge is Vito Filippone's Sportside. Vito doesn't tell us about how much money he's spent on the '89, just time: eight-plus years. After 160,000 miles, Vito, who hails from Lynnfield, Massachusetts, can boast that his stock 305 has no oil leaks. Between various lifts, the Chevy is 8.5 inches over stock, and among the bolt-ons, Vito has averaged 1.875 shocks per year so far, for a total of 15 at this writing

Pet Of The Month
K.C. Jankowicz's girlfriend Lisa (who really deserves a photo credit) took this inventive picture of K.C.'s dog, Max, riding in the back of a '95 Chevy S-10. The setting for this unique photo was Maricopa, Arizona, although the trio hails from Mesa. K.C. points out that the photo was taken long before the Chevy promotion.

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