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December 1998 Letters to the Editor

Letters Stamp
Posted December 1, 1998

Chevy Blazer, GMC Safari, F-150, and More!

Is This A Misprint?
Dear Editor, Come on, fellas. I just received my September '98 Four Wheeler, and you wrote that a two-wheel drive Powerstroke ran mid-10s in the quarter-mile. Is this a misprint? If it isn't, we're going to be seeing a lot of trucks at the dragstrip.
via the Internet

Thanks go to you, whoever you are, along with the nine zillion other readers who chimed in to point out our misprint. In fact, our two-wheel drive ran a 10.67-second zero-to-60 time, and an 18.75 quarter-mile. Still pretty quick for a diesel.

Ultimate Seat Source
Dear Four Wheeler, My letter is in regards to your reference to Flofit seats in "Project Built 2 Budget" (Sept. '98). Flofit has fallen by the wayside, but The Seat Source has acquired the product line and will continue the distribution of the seats, as well as Recaro and Corbeau. We'll also continue to help customers with any and all of their warranty issues.

Also, the photo of the seat in the article is outdated. That model has gone through several material upgrades since that picture was taken. If there are any questions, feel free to contact us at The Seat Source, Dept. FW, 2995 Van Buren #A13427, Riverside, CA 92503, 909/343-9430. Timothy J. Hansen, Owner
The Seat Source
Riverside, CA

Missed It By That Much
Dear Sirs, Many compliments for your Four Wheeler, which helps me (in Switzerland) to stay in touch with the latest evolutions in four wheeling. I own an '86 Range Rover and an '84 Jeep CJ-7, and I'm happy with them. I liked the article about Rimmer Engineering's supercharging of the Range Rover engine (July '98). However, I wanted you to know that their correct Website address is ",'' not "'' Stefan Moser
via the Internet

Erred Philosophy?
Dear Four Wheeler, Your magazine has great pictures of four-wheel drives traveling up, down, and through rivers, lakes, and streams. Your magazine also promotes the Tread Lightly! philosophy. Have you erred here, or are you not aware that traveling in a watercourse causes siltation? Siltation destroys fish spawning areas, kills aquatic plant life, and kills fish. Don't get me wrong here, fellas-I'd love to do it myself, but I got my 4x4 to take me fishing.
Clarke O'Donnell
via the Internet

We're very sensitive to this issue. In truth, we're very careful to avoid driving needlessly-as you put it-up, down or through rivers, lakes or streams. There are situations where we will show vehicles in water, such as rain puddles in a quarry, or at designated stream crossings on, say, a 4x4 trail. You'll notice that when we're crossing a body of water, vehicle speeds are kept extremely low to minimize siltation. That's because we fish, too. About the only exceptions will come in cases of event coverage, in which actual competition is taking place on an approved course.

An Ugly Request
Dear Editor, Somewhere around 1985, you did a feature issue about Ugly Trucks. I still have the issue and dig it out every once in a while to re-read. Other magazines have done the same thing, but most have fallen short. Your coverage was great, and forever changed the way I think about trucks. Most of these "Uglies'' were heavy-duty trucks, many had Detroit Lockers, ex-AC compressors, Tigged pigs, ex-AC condenser trans coolers, low gears, and/or one thing or another. The one thing they all had in common was home-grown ingenuity instead of big bucks. The bucks that were spent were spent in the right places.

I also remember a related article about buying, resurrecting, and driving home a bucks-down 4x4. Man, that was cool. I, unfortunately, don't have that issue anymore, but am always looking for prime stuff like that. If you ever decide to do another "Ugly Truck" issue, let me know. I have a '75 Jeep Cherokee with Dana 60s, a four-barrel AMC 360, a rebuilt TH 400, swapped-in Dana 20, York ex-AC air compressor, etc. I've also done a Thrash-'N'-Drive on a $400 M38A1. See what kind of effect you guys have had on me?
Tracy Underwood
Huntsville, AL

You're probably referring to our "Dirt Cheap and Barely Running'' series (May 1991, April '92), in which we actually purchased a "dead'' 4x4 in a tall-grass field and resurrected it on the spot, driving it away. That kind of thinking lead to the concept of the Ugly Truck, a 4x4 detailed in the purely functional, engineering sense alone. From there, the focus has progressed to extreme trails and Top Truck Challenge. In fact, several of the challengers that were selected for our inaugural Top Truck Challenge (March '94) came from previous Ugly Truck and Readers' Rigs entries.

For photocopies of any particular story from the past, send the name of the story, $3 per reprint, and a self-addressed stamped envelope to Four Wheeler Reprints, 3330 Ocean Park Blvd., Suite 115, Santa Monica, CA 90405.

Blazing Straight Ahead
Dear Four Wheeler, What the hell happened? I've been following the best diesel project you guys have ever done-your 6.2-liter K-5 Blazer diesel-and was appalled to read that you almost swapped the engine out. I've swapped out those ratty, fuel-slurping stinky 454-equipped trucks for 6.2s. I have two of them-one is a '91 Jimmy (my wife's), the other an '87 Blazer, both with Silverado interior.

Anyway, I've been diligently following each article in the "Project Blazer'' series, thinking of all the possibilities but very much looking forward to your engine mods. Maybe a Banks or HTS turbo install? J. Mascaro
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Our "Project Blazer's'' diesel engine buildup commences in next month's issue.

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