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Off-Road Unloaded - Letters to the Editor - February 2013

Posted in Features on February 1, 2013
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Letters of the Month

Our letter writers are getting multiple copies of Ted- the big-screen hit from Seth MacFarlane, creator of Family Guy. You get a Blu-Ray copy, a DVD copy, and a digital copy of the movie for your viewing pleasure.

Extreme Touring

My name’s Gaven Ayala, owner of 395PROductions. I am currently working on a TV pilot here in Arizona called the Dirty LifeStyle. I just went to Moab, Utah, to film David Hellman’s Xtreme 4X4 Tours. He will be the main focus of my first episode. I have a couple cool stills from our shoot and thought you’d like to see them, and you can also go to YouTube and type in 395PROductions.

CODE Mexicana Logistics 300

Just thought I’d drop by to share a few notes from September 2012’s event. This is a picture of a Class 11 bug that belongs to a good friend of mine, prepped and co-driven by my brother-in-law.

We maintained contact with the car and team on the race frequency to be available in case help was needed. I also monitored developments of the Vildosola team on their race frequency. They had four entries that included two Trophy Trucks, #21 and #4, as well as a Pro Truck and a Class 16.

As for the Trophy Trucks, they did well but could not seem to keep up with Clyde Stacy’s #18, driven by Juan Carlos Lopez from Tecate. Number 21 had a fairly good day, taking Second after falling behind #18 by 16 minutes by the third and final lap, while #4 was behind by an additional 10 minutes or so, having to deal with overheating problems.

The dust was really bad at the start of the race with no wind—and hotter than expected. My son took some video during the latter part of the race and already posted it on YouTube ( ). You can see some of the action, including the yellow 11 gracefully bouncing around toward the end.

Timo Kallen

Taking Responsibility

Hi, I’ve never written in to anything before, but I’d like to comment on your November “Rant” regarding Blitz USA. It is a tragedy, and I wanted to thank you for promoting some common sense usage. It seems these days that taking responsibility for one’s actions is the exception and not the rule. It irritates me to no end when a judge honors a ridiculous case to an individual who doesn’t take responsibility for his or her own actions and financially rewards that person at the cost of a hard-working individual or company. As you said, these actions inspire other “special” people to join in. Unfortunately, the endangered species list will never include stupid people; we will never have a shortage of them!

Keep on promoting common sense and taking responsibility for one’s own actions. I will be teaching these values to my children!

Grand Junction, Colorado

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