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March 2013 - 4xForum

Posted in Features on March 1, 2013
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Q:I just finished reading the December 2012 issue. In the article “Gen IV YJ,” I noticed the front shackles appear to extend for a towbar hookup. Is this the purpose for the ears and pins? If so, where can I get more info on them? I currently have a pile of parts for a ’79 CJ7 that I will be attempting to rebuild into a nice trail rig. I have a towbar that has brackets bolted to the stock bumper, but I do not wish to have the brackets on the replacement that I intend to put on my Jeep. If the shackles do the job, they appear to be just what I could use. Thanks.
Dan Holman
Alstead, New Hampshire

Dan, the front shackles on the Gen IV YJ project are front towbar shackles from Currie Enterprises [(714) 367-2231,]. They are offered for Jeep CJs and YJs. It’s a cool setup that creates a useable towbar for flat-towing your Jeep. The front towbar shackles are heavier duty than the factory shackles, using 1/4-inch-thick steel side plates and Energy Suspension’s Tough 88 fluted urethane bushings. Currie tow shackle kits also include heavy-duty bolts with zerk fittings so the bushings can be lubricated; bolt-in center braces for more rigidity; and quick-disconnect towbar connection pins and snap clips. The Currie towbar shackles are also 3/4 inches taller than factory shackles, so they provide a small degree of lift to the front that effectively levels many Jeeps front to rear. Thanks for reading the magazine. ’Wheel on.

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