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July 2013 - Showin Off!

1977 International Scout
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Posted August 22, 2013
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  • 21-year-old Alysha Hammack from Palm Bay, Florida, loves to bring her pink ’83 Ford Bronco, Sprinkles, to all the local events with the Mud Hunny crew. A 6-inch suspension lift and 38-inch tires are all she needs to tear up the mud at MudJam and Mudfest.

  • An ’85 6.2 non-turbo diesel engine has replaced the factory powerplant in Barry Tice’s ’93 Chevrolet S-10. The factory frontend has been removed for a straight axle conversion. A four-speed transmission and a 208 transfer case turn the 38/12.50.15 Super Swamper TSL tires. A 3-inch dual exhaust exits with some stainless steel stacks.

  • Patrick Smith from Lantana, Florida, has built this buggy on an ’87 Jeep YJ frame utilizing a four-link suspension on 2 1/2-ton Rockwell axles. The 514ci Chevy big-block from a Caddy has plenty of power to turn the PlanB-Fab wheels and 16.9x24 Titan tires.

  • Jimmy J sent this picture of his menacing ’91 Chevy Z71 off-road edition. The truck rides on a set of 46-inch Michelin tires, and when it’s not on the street it’s always in the mud.

  • This is one killer-looking ’77 Ford F-150, owned by Allie Bosak from West Middlesex, Pennsylvania. It is powered by a 460ci Ford motor bored 0.060 over with a set of Dove heads. The C6 transmission is mated to a 205 transfer case and a divorced 2 1/2-ton military case. The 2 1/2-ton Rockwells with welded gears front and rear are attached with leaf springs in the rear and a four-link system up front. 44-inch Super Swampers with 18.4x26 V-treads get this rig through deep mud. Allie is proud to say she has paid for everything on her rig and she knows how to run it at Yankee Lake!

  • Sour Diesel is the name of Jeff Swatkowski’s custom-built four-linked and airbag suspension swamp buggy that’s powered by a CAT Diesel engine. An SCS transfer case and 5-ton axles get this rig through Jacksonville, Florida, woods on a set of 23.1x34 R2 tires.

  • Timothy Morton from Sulphur Springs, Indiana, is a huge fan and follows us on Facebook. He sent in this picture of him tearing up the mud in his custom ATV at the Sulpher Springs Mud Bog.

  • Check out Josh Bradley’s ’77 International Scout with 2 1/2-ton axles, 14.9x24 tires, and a CRE Performance–built 496ci Chevy big-block. The Custom Truck Shop in Fort Pierce, Florida, fabricated the four-link suspension and the front and rear pinion brakes, designed the rollcage, and performed the installation.

  • John Boston‘s ’02 GMC Sierra started out as a 4.3ci V-6 2x4 factory vehicle. Once a custom 27-inch lift was designed and installed, the 44-inch tires were bolted to the truck’s new Dana 60 axles. A hydraulic steering system controls the direction of travel, and a stripper pole mounted in the bed keeps the party going. John loves to play in the mud, and he will take any tug-o-war challenge. Check out this truck at Redneck Yacht Club or on local roads since it’s his daily driver!

  • This ’04 Ford F-150 FX4 has been four-linked on 2 1/2-ton axles with 18-inch FOA coilovers. Justin Collins built his rig to ride on 14.9 BKT 171 tires wrapped around custom PlanB-Fab wheels.

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