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1993 Ford Bronco Camburg Long Travel Shackles

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Out back, the rear suspension is built to handle high-speed runs while delivering a ride quality that is way smoother than a Caddy. Deaver 2.5-inch-wide F53 springs were what used to get this Bronco around the deserts of Baja, but once Deaver released its new Q80 spring pack, Tony gave them a call and had the springs swapped in to raise the rear height half an inch over the 3.5-inch-lift F53s. Both springs delivered more suspension travel with a smoother ride quality, but the Q80s seem a little more stable on the non-banked winding highways of Baja. Since the factory shackles severely limit rear wheel travel, Tony bolted on a set of Camburg long-travel shackles, which work incredibly well in the dirt.