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1985 Toyota Xtra Cab - Yeager Bomb

Posted in Features on July 25, 2013 Comment (0)
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If you are familiar with anything Trucks Gone Wild and go to big muddin' events in Florida, then you know there are crazy dudes who like to hit jumps backward and you have witnessed the legendary Jimmy Rigged in action. When I found out he was building a new truck from the ground up, I knew I was gonna have to do a feature on it. Yes, because of his notoriety, but also because it was a Trucks by Trotter Chassis so inherently it was gonna be sick. Frankly, Jimmy is just a cool-as-crap dude in general, probably one of the most enthusiastic and fun loving guys you'll see out there. the guy is always smiling and cutting jokes, the perfect embodiment of the guy who is in it totally to have fun. And trust me, if you see the thing in action it's enough to make anyone say his patented catchphrase, "Sweet donkeys!"

Jimmy is from "The Cloud," Florida (which he wanted me to mention is the home of Spare Parts Doug), and you wouldn't think it from talking to him but he actually has a master's degree in public health and currently works for not just our nation but the world's largest military contractor in his field. Growing up, he water-skied competitively before transitioning into wake boarding. In 1996 he even rode on the Pro Wakeboard Tour. As a kid he always wanted a "sweet" lifted truck, as he would say, and somehow or another he ended up with it where it is today. The Jimmy "Rigged" name is pretty self-explanatory. Get to know him and you'll find out quick how he likes to take shortcuts to get things done. You and I might question whether his jimmying qualifies as anything actually being done. The name of the new truck has cool origins too; Yeager is actually his last name, thus the Yeager Bomb.

The truck is an '85 Toyota Xtra Cab completely gutted out and built with the driver centered in the cab, with homemade fiberglass bedsides mounted up on the Trucks by Trotter chassis. A 525ci big-block Chevy with an option to spray puts the power into an FTI-built Turbo 400 transmission, which is then split to the 2½-ton F106 Rockwell face-loader axles via an SCS case. It is four-linked and set up on a Big Shocks suspension. Putting the traction to the ground is done with custom-shaved 12.4x26 V-tread tractor tires.

Jimmy loves the truck and doesn't really feel the need to change anything about it—other than maybe putting in a sweet stereo, as he says. The goal for the new build was to freestyle and race any kind of track he happens to come across. He frequents parks like RNYC, BMR, Bithlo, TCR, Eau Gallie, County Line, Hog Waller . . . the list goes on. They also go to Dennis Anderson's North Vs. South race every year to watch but have yet to actually race in it. His plan is to race in it for the first time before 2013 ends.

All in all it's a sick rig, and you need to keep an eye out for it at your local events. A few of Jimmy's sponsors are Big Shocks, Trucks by Trotter, Baja Cleaners, Stultz Clothing, Rick Fowler, and of course his wife. Jimmy said, "There are so many people that I want to thank. I gotta thank Jarrod for always being there and believing in me, Big Shocks rules, and especially everyone at Team Trucks by Trotter. Without them my truck would not be functioning: Mike Trotter (team VP), Ken Brewer (team historian), and Scott Sweat (team leader). My TxT-built truck is a real sweet donkey! Also, Pete Marshall (marketing director/entertainment), Matt Yachmetz (chief engineer), Eric Persines (dirty polar bear), Brian Lamirande (jack of all trades), and John Write (fire hose installation)."

1985 Toyota Xtra Cab
Owner: Jimmy Yeager, St. Cloud, Fla.
Engine: 525ci big-block Chevy
Transmission: FTI-built Turbo 400
Transfer Case: SCS gearbox
Suspension: Custom 4-link bars
Axles: 2½-ton Rockwell face-loaders
Shocks: 16-inch Big Shocks
Tires & Wheels: 12.4x26 V-tread tractor tires on 26-inch wheels

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