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Supercharged Chevy 327 V8

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A Beer Keg and a Blower
Here is another shot of that blown 327ci from Thuesen’s Jeep. Check out the size of that supercharger topped with a Hillborn four-port mechanical fuel injection! That’s dead sexy. Also, if this Jeep is a ’53, that means it must be a M38A1. But those chrome headlight rings look awfully civilian, yet peeking out from below the front of the framerails is a M38A1 spring hanger. The shackle-reversal means the frame at least is ex-military; oh, and the hinges on the front of the grille are all military. Also notice the open M38A1 battery box in the background? That’s a ringer for a military Jeep tub. See that beer keg on the front bumper of the Jeep? Sadly, apparently that was no longer used to hold beer. This photo is also by Eric Rickman.