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Jeep Cj 5s Sand Drag Racing

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Aaand Go!
Often times old drag slicks were heavily grooved to make wide paddle-like tires. These tires allowed the Jeeps to “Hall and Oats” down the strip, but are also wide enough for flotation on the sand. Like the menacing looking dark flattie in the background and the civilian CJ-5 in the foreground of this picture, some Jeepers ran dual rear tires for extra traction and flotation much like the Hicky Jeep (Vintage Vault, July ’13). Here is another shot of Jeeps at the starting line in a photo by Eric Rickman for your viewing pleasure. In the foreground, we see a clean CJ-5 with a nice rollbar and a filled-in tailgate opening. That flattie might be a WWII-era MB or GPW, as it looks like it lacks a tailgate opening.