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Jeep CJ & Toyota Tacoma Lift - Letters

Posted in Features on March 1, 2002
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Support Your HobbyI am an avid reader of your magazine. After reading many issues, I noticed that there are no articles containing your support for organizations such as the American Sand Association, San Diego Off Road Coalition, and the Blue Ribbon Coalition that are trying to keep our off-roading areas open. I own a 4x4, dune buggy, and motorcycle, and our riding areas are being closed down by eco-environmental organizations.

I would think your magazine would donate money to these causes, since most of your readers need off-road areas to use the products you advertise in your magazine. Please support any off-road organization you see fit, but if you don't, our off-road areas could be closed to all.Alex Cook Carlsbad, CA

If we had money we would donate it, but we can only do that on a personal basis. We also agree that these and similar organizations that fight land closures are worthy causes and deserve everyone's support and help, whether it be volunteering time or donating money. The armchair environmentalists have no clue about what really is going on when organizations attempt to close areas; they simply send money to "Save the planet." Our problem is that people from different sides of the country aren't working together against the land grabbers, and are instead concentrating on their local area. If all of our readers and the 4x4 industry got together and raised a little dough, we could actually hire a competent attorney that could win against these short-sighted environmentalists. The United Four Wheel Drive Association is the best overall example of this, but it costs bucks to keep it going.

Who Makes What?I first want to say what a wonderful and awesome magazine you have. When I get your magazine, I read it from cover to cover. In the article "Party Animals Invade Utah" (Aug. '01), the picture where you compare the Jeep TJ to the CJ says that the CJ has a Woods Ready coil conversion kit. Who in the world sells that? I know Skyjacker has Rock Ready kits, and Black Diamond and Pro Comp have a coil conversion kit for YJs and CJs, but when I went on the Web I couldn't find Woods Ready. Where can I find this kit and who makes it? Eugene Laporte e-mail

It all must sound a bit confusing, but hold on, we have the information. Black Diamond, which used to make the coil conversion kits, sold all of its suspension products, rights, and equipment to Woods Ready, a company in Louisiana. You can contact them at 866/680-6666, or

Show Truck Mag?I just picked up my first issue of 4-Wheel & Off-Road since 1993. At that time everyone was building "pretty" show trucks that never saw off-road action and were trailered everywhere. After getting out of the truck scene back in 1993 I haven't purchased one of your mags-or anyone else's for that matter.

A couple of weeks ago my wife decided she needed to get rid of her "sensible" Honda Civic Si and get a Wrangler. She saw other Wranglers with mild lifts and tires, and wanted to do the same. Naturally I picked up your Aug. '01 issue to show her what a lifted, big, pretty truck looked like. To my pleasant surprise, not only did I fail to find a show truck, but each article inside gave me insight on how to build a practical, functional, true off-road vehicle.

The best part about coming back is the other Wrangler drivers always give me the high sign, unlike in the Honda, where all other import car drivers revved their "fart" pipes and tried to give me intimidating stares.

It's good to be back. Keep up the good articles. My subscription is in the mail.Tony Suddon by e-mail

We're glad you found us after such a long hiatus, and that you like what we're doing. It's true that we concentrate on real-world wheeling, but we don't forget the rest of the market either. In fact, check out our awesome coverage of spectacular action from around the U.S. in this issue, starting on page 30 with "Adrenaline Rush."

Tacoma Lift LeftoversI read your article "Tacoma Lift Comparo" (Aug. '01) and loved everything you had to say about the lift kits. Finally someone looked at all there is Tacoma! But you left out one kit: the 111/42-inch Rancho. I have it, and after 20,000 miles, all the stock rubber bushings are shot and the front struts are no longer up to the task.

That's why I'm writing. What do you do with those kits you test? I'd gladly take the Northwest or the Fabtech kit off your hands if they are just collecting dust. I wasn't sure what happened to them now that they have been used, so I figured since I can't afford to replace the Rancho kit I'd ask you for a secondhand kit. That Northwest kit with the rear leaves would be nice, as my blocks give my truck some wicked axlewrap.Rich VilloneChester, NJ

The only dust we collect is on the trail, since we're always a-movin' and a-shakin'. Seriously, most of the time we send the products back to the manufacturer unless we keep the product on the test truck. In this case we will have a longterm report on what was left on, and the shipping department picked up all of the detritus and sent it back to the various manufacturers. Just like our seldom seen homes, our offices are far too small to be stockpiling used parts.

Submission information: 4-Wheel & Off-Road welcomes letters to the editor. Letters must include an address or a telephone number so the sender can be verified. Once verified, your name may be withheld at your request. Letters published in this magazine reflect the opinions of the writers, and we reserve the right to edit letters for clarity, brevity, or other purposes. Due to the large volume of mail we receive, we regret that we cannot reply to unpublished letters or return photos. Write to: Editor, 4-Wheel & Off-Road, 6420 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90048-5515, fax 323/782-2704,

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