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4 Wheel Off Road Truck Tools - Shop Tool Roundup

Chicago Pneumatic Reciprocating Air Saw
Jerrod Jones | Writer
Posted December 1, 2003
Photographers: Courtesy of Manufacturers

Trick Tools For Your Garage

As winter looms, many a 4x4 gets packed in 'til summer. Maybe not so often in Southern California, but even we here take advantage of the cooler weather to be able to work on our rigs without burning up in triple-degree heat. So, what better time to start getting your to-buy list together than right before Christmas? We've been eagerly looking through the catalogs and finding what tools we'd like to get our hands on, so we thought we'd let you in on what we'd like to see in our garage or trailer after Santa comes and drops 'em all off (providing that Santa can get his sleigh off the ground with his fat butt and as many tools as we've asked for).

Mo' Power PullaThe More Power Puller is a great tool to have if you don't have a winch when off-roading or a hoist in your garage. It is completely portable at only 28 pounds and has 35 feet of industrial cable rated to dead-lift a maximum of 2 tons. You can use it to get your vehicle out of jams, or to pull an engine from under an anchored support beam. Information: Wyeth-Scott Co., 800/743-4521,

Reciprocating ActionWhen you're trying to make precise, quality cuts in something, a reciprocating air saw such as this one from Chicago Pneumatic will make sure you don't cut outside the lines. At 10,000 strokes per minute, this handheld air saw makes quick work of your intricate cuts. Chicago Pneumatic's reciprocating saws offer the lowest vibration on the market and have an ergonomic design to keep you comfortable. Information: Chicago Pneumatic,

Ergonomic Air RatchetFrom Snap-On's Blue Point air-tool line comes this 31/48-inch square drive air ratchet. The Blue Point ratchet features a comfortable handle and a flexible "cobra head" that allows this ratchet to conform to your needs and tight spaces. This is just the kind of tool you need when space is tight, the bolt's at an angle, and you don't have enough room to swing a conventional ratchet. Information: Snap-On Tools, 877/762-7662,

Dual-Action SandingNothing pays off like a little elbow grease, but sometimes you need just a bit more than your arms can handle to get something smooth. Campbell Hausfeld has this 6-inch dual-action sander to help you out. It features a soft elastomer grip for increased comfort during prolonged use and can tackle anything from wood and metal to fiberglass and bondo. The dual-action sanding feature assures swirl-free finishes. Information: Campbell Hausfeld,

Laser Level & Angle FinderThis is the ultimate in angle finders. Checkpoint USA has come up with the Inclomatic, a digital laser level that has a digital readout to let you know how many degrees off level or off of a set plane you are. The Inclomatic facilitates measuring wide angles, caster, camber and frame, body, and drivetrain alignment with simple point-and-shoot operation. The billet-aluminum digital laser level also comes with beam-splitting lenses, an aperture adapter, and a protractor plate. With this tool, even your dog could get the right angle-now we'll just have to see if you can. Information: Checkpoint/Webb USA, 310/224-1945,

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