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Anaconda Power Pack - The Ultimate Power Pack

Posted in Features on April 1, 2004
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Here it is. Your dream box. The only mobile power source you'll ever need to get you going, whether it be onsite, on the trail, or at home during a power outage. What's it called? The Anaconda Power Pack. What does it do? It powers anything you can imagine, from a completely self-contained unit. There's nothing like having an air compressor, a generator, a welder, and a couple of 120- and 240-volt outlets in the back of your truck. This is the sweet stuff we've all wanted to have at hand in our trucks for years, but space and practicality prevented it.

Three years ago Tom Hartman recognized this need, and he started to scheme and dream and work relentlessly to design and create one of the most impressive products we've seen. The Anaconda Power Pack closely resembles a standard bed box, but inside sits a 5,000-watt Kohler generator, an Ingersoll Rand air compressor with a 5-gallon tank, and space for a 130A welder. Underneath is a 2.25-cubic foot storage drawer. A driver-side control panel gives access to all outlets, gauges, the light, and a push-button starter. There are no wires or attachments to any electric or mechanical device on your truck, as it is a self-contained unit featuring its own battery and starter.

Though the Anaconda Power Pack might cost more than some trucks you own, the unit is a bolt-in piece of perfection that will pay for itself in the long run. Besides, you can't skimp when making the best product you can. Quality costs money, and years down the road when all you wheelers, contractors, do-it-yourselfers, road crews, race teams, recovery pros, and emergency responders are still using them with thousands of hours on the engine meter, you'll know where the few extra bucks went.

Hartman even let us try one out for a while in the back of our own truck, and we're sold. We'll go out and buy one, as soon as we start getting paid in real money and not cereal box tops.


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