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With some fuel I crossed my fingers and cranked the key. The little Sami started right up like it had been driven daily. I was excited to think that all my engine and computer concerns were for naught since I didn't feel like using any budget to fix it, but preferred to spend the cash on performance upgrades and bling-bling rims. Then she started running funny, coughing, hesitating, and giving me a check engine light. I called the experts at PetroWorks and they quickly walked me through the self-diagnosis of this early fuel-injected wheeler. I found that the computer, though working, was on its last legs and should indeed be replaced or fixed. Bummer! Luckily, Petroworks was within an hour's drive, so I pulled the brain box and went to see them. Here's a little secret: To remove the computer, first remove the battery and heat up the three firewall-mounted nuts with a torch to get the Suzuki Loctite to let go.