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The first step of the spring-over is to secure the truck on some jackstands, disconnect the brakes, driveshafts, and suspension, and pull the axle. You should be able to borrow or rent jackstands pretty cheap, and since I didn't include the price of tools in the buildup, I won't include the price of these either. Just do not use cement blocks for jackstands--they can crumble and crush your head. With the axle out, I cleared off the paint so I could weld on the perches, but left the rest assembled. The front axles have some plates tack-welded on the top of the tube, and I cut them off before grinding the surface clean. Along with the jack and jackstands, a grinder is helpful here. Remember that your neighbor, boss, or other friends may all have access to these tools, so look to them before you buy. When you set up to weld the spring perches, the fronts should be perfectly parallel with the old perch only on top of the axletube to keep the steering correct. Use a level or angle finder to be sure. The rear axle should have the rear of the perch just a few degrees higher than parallel as per the instructions to deal with the driveshaft angle change.