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The spring-over-axle (SOA) kit does require some welding, and luckily I have a Miller MIG machine to do that myself. Now, I know that many of you can't weld, don't own a welder, or both, so I considered this cost into the buildup. Also remember that the Samurai axletubes are not that thick, so you'll need to be careful welding them. Take your time and don't burn them too hot. You can find welding help in a couple different places. Muffler shops could help for cheap and have experience with thin tube, the neighborhood blacksmith might work in exchange for some frosty beverages, and metal shop class may let you bring the axles in to be worked on as well. Remember that your budget isn't big, and as such you'll need to be flexible. Tell them it's no rush and that you're tight on funds and see what they can do. Maybe offer to help sweep the shop floor or buy pizza if they'll stay after work and burn the spring perches, bumpstops, and shock mounts for you. Welding shouldn't cost you much more than $100.
Budget left -- $382.23