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The ad in the local paper read, "'84 Ford Bronco, V-8, needs radiator, $700." It was more than I had to spend, but cheap enough to get my attention. Sure enough, when Fred Williams and I went to go see it, we found a fully loaded XLT model complete with the broken vent window, parking lot rash, and zero maintenance options. It was a mess, but it was complete; and those two things are the makings of a good deal. The owner told us the last guy had passed on the truck because he thought the transmission was shot. Turns out the transmission was fine but the transfer case had been shifted into Neutral. The engine fired up, had good oil pressure, and sorta-idled. So I gave the guy $400 (Williams was convinced he would have taken less), shifted the NP208 into 2-Hi, filled the radiator, aired up the two flat tires, and drove it 35 miles back to the office.
Budget Left: $1,100