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When I got there, the truck started up with one pump of the pedal, something impressive for an old truck that's not warmed up. It was dark out already, so I felt around with a half-dead flashlight to check what I could. Sure enough, the truck had a 440ci engine, a 727 tranny, an NP203 transfer case, a Dana 44 front, and a Dana 60 rear. There was a hole in the driver-side floor, but the body seemed to be very good overall. I'd have to take a closer look at home the next morning. A bit of haggling got the price down to something I could afford: $1,300. Time to test the vehicle I'd just bought five minutes before, in a nice, safe, contained area, away from other people, so I hopped straight onto the Southern California freeways at rush hour. Oops. By the way, how jealous are you of the sweet paint job? Dirt-brown with some killer '70s yellow, white, and brown stripes down the side. We might repaint the vehicle, but we'll definitely keep the stripes.