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131 0409 Ctc 02 Z

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The next morning's exploring found almost nothing wrong with this vehicle. The only thing I could find besides a rusted-out driver-side floorboard was some bare hot wires spliced together under the hood. The wiring job was actually done somewhat cleanly, but the installer had forgotten to tape or heatshrink over a few positive wires, making for an unlikely, but potentially harsh, short circuit. This vehicle was in such good condition that it still had the original doorplates and spec sticker under the hood. Apparently this truck had a 360ci engine originally. I was surprised at this since whoever had done the motor swap had done it very cleanly, even utilizing the factory air conditioning and condenser. Most of the rubber was good on the vehicle, but the wipers were crap. A set of wipers at the local parts store set me back $10, and the oil and oil filter I always get for any vehicle immediately after I purchase it set me back $34.75. When you're getting a truck, do all the cheap maintenance you can. Check the fluids and belts and seals and U-joints. Make sure none of the U-bolts, wheel studs, steering-box bolts, or leaf-spring bolts are cracked or broken. Be happy that you found a problem, if any. It'll cost you a little ching, but in the long run, you'll save yourself a ton by not burning up your good investment.
Budget Left: $155.25