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131 0502 Staf 06 Z

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In my opinion, keeping the tires turning with a locking differential is the best upgrade for off-road performance, and if I could have afforded one, I would have put one in this little wheeler. But this being the Cheap Truck Challenge, I decided to use a "MillerMatic-traction addict." In other words, we used our MillerMatic MIG-welder to weld the rear differential into a spool. I was warned that this will break axles, and is definitely the ghetto way to do things, but again this was a free truck, and if it breaks I will report it to you. The cool thing is that Suzuki axles have a drop-out third member, and this means all the work can be done on a workbench. If you want to do this yourself, you'll need to pull the axleshafts and then the diff.