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Strange and Unique Trucks - Readers' Rides Freaks, Geeks

Driver Side View Demolition Derby
Jerrod Jones | Writer
Posted May 10, 2005

...and the ones we never wanted to talk about

And to all of you out there building freaks, geeks, and stuff we just don't even want to talk about, we just wanna say "Good God, what were you thinking?!"

OK, this has to be the result of watching too much Dukes of Hazzard growing up. Who in their right mind would go up against a monster truck with something that doesn't even have a prayer of winning? OK, well maybe that's a bad example--we'd take a golf cart against a monster truck if it meant us getting in the lineup. Heck, we'll take Pw's VW Rabbit if they'll let us keep the windows up for protection.
VEHICLE: '56 Chevy Bel Air
OWNER: Justin Keehner, Billings, MT
TIRES: 235/75-15 Cooper Discovery S/T
WHEELS: Four of them
SUSPENSION: Double coil springs and tennis balls inside middle spring, F-150 springs in back
DRIVETRAIN: 377ci V-8, two-speed manual tranny, aftermarket axles
PERFORMANCE MODS: Stickers on the side
OTHER DOODADS: Have a passenger seat and brake lights!
WORST MOD: Losing by three-quarters of a truck length to this guy (I did clear seven of the eight cars though).

Farm Freak
This is actually pretty cool. We'd definitely take one if someone gave us five bucks to do so. The farm implement look never goes out of style, and that triangular reflective sign really ties everything together. Mark tells us that this used to be a CJ-5 but being the Jeep molester he is, he cut it down and put a Kohler engine into it. On top of all that, Mark claims street legality!
VEHICLE: Chopped-up CJ-5
OWNER: Mark Stidam, Scottsburg, IN
TIRES: 34x7.50-18 Goodyear Sure Grips
WHEELS: 18x5.50 Stockton wheels
SUSPENSION: Trailer leaf springs
DRIVETRAIN: Kohler K341S engine, SR-4 tranny, Dana 300 transfer case, Dana 30 front, AMC 83/4 rear, 4.56 gears
PERFORMANCE MODS: Reground cam, ported head, three-angle valve job, lightened and rebalanced flywheel
OTHER DOODADS: Single disc and caliper brakes mounted on rear transfer-case yoke

We could hear this one crying all the way from Washington. But Matt Stapleton refuses to put it out of its misery. But maybe we shouldn't pick on it. We're told that Matt uses this bucket to take his kids and the local neighborhood rugrats out on rides, and they seem to love it. He even sent us a picture of them loving it, and we would've shown you that, except you couldn't see this dilapidated pile under the twenty-something kids that were piled on top of it. Don't worry about the kids' safety though: Matt put in special side-impact protection plywood around his own seat.
VEHICLE: '59 Chevy pickup
OWNER: Matt Stapleton, Wise, VA
TIRES: They're on there
WHEELS: Has those too
OTHER DOODADS: Seats from Buick Regal

Mix `N' Match
We're glad that the whole rig wasn't captured in this photo. Otherwise we might have turned to stone or something. The ancient wise phrase, "What the crap?!" comes to mind. We looked at this picture for a while, and we still can't figure it out. A pushblade?! Is that tarp and rack up top for bringing bodies home on? Scary.
VEHICLE: '70s International Scout
OWNER: Kyle Ashcroft, Barnum, MN
TIRES: 235/75-15 (with tire chains)
WHEELS: 15x7 stock
SUSPENSION: It has something
DRIVETRAIN: Transverse-mounted 455ci Tornado engine, Dana 44s front and rear
OTHER DOODADS: Black tarp roof
BEST MOD: Tire chains
WORST MOD: Using a come-along to lift the pushblade

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