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Cheap Truck Challenge 2 4x4s- Dirt

Posted in Features on April 1, 2006
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Photographers: Paydirt MediaThe 4-Wheel & Off-Road Staff

Silly folks think that 4x4s are intended to go from point A to point B, but for us they are to get away from point A and have fun trying to find point B. Before we dragged our first 4x4 home we had 100 ideas of what it would become, and 1,000 of where it would take us. Then when it arrived we started changing anything and everything on it. Our busted knuckles are worn as badges of honor; our well-used wrenches are cherished like our favorite jeans. And once it ran, we loaded it up to go find some dirt.

We love the wild because we love dirt. The rock that will eventually become dirt has obstacles that we will break parts on till we can get past. The sand that was rock rides in every crack of our rigs and brings the weekend at the dunes back to work with us. The mud becomes dry and hard as we drive around town showing folks at every stop light that we do indeed use our truck for more than work. We will lie down in the dirt to fix a busted U-joint. We will sit in the dirt around the campfire, laughing with friends. We will walk miles in the dirt to go get a buddy with a chain to pull us out of that deep bog. We will even roll out a bag and sleep in the dirt just to watch the stars overhead. Every dollar and day we spend on our 4x4s is repaid sevenfold when we make it to the dirt.

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All images shot at Cheap Truck Challenge, round two, in Gorman, California. Be ready for round three by visiting our Web site for details,

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