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January 2007 - 4x4 and Off-Road Readers' Rides

Posted in Features on January 1, 2007
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Send us a picture of your ride if you've never done so. We keep a surplus of Readers' Rides submissions, but only one submission per person, and we love all off-road vehicles so send in your entries whether your rig is stock or not. Please use the new e-mail address shown below. Make sure each digital image is at least 1600 x 1200 pixels (or two megapixels) and saved as a TIFF, EPS, or maximum-quality JPEG file.

Vehicle (year, make, model)
Owner (name, city, state)
Tires & wheels (size, make, model)
Suspension (lift, springs, shocks)
Drivetrain (tranny, t-case, axles)
Performance (engine)
Other mods
Does it work the way you want?
Anything you would change?
Funniest Wheeling Incident
Anything to add?

Readers' Rides
4-Wheel & Off-Road
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Los Angeles, CA 90048-5515
fax 323.782.2704

Vehicle: '73 K20
Owner: Steve Ortner, Belleville, MI
Tires & wheels: 33-inch Boggers on Hurricane
Suspension: 6-inch Rough Country
Drivetrain: 502ci V-8, TH400 tranny, NP205 transfer case, Dana 44 front, 14-bolt rear with Detroit Locker, 4.11 gears
Other Doodads: Trussed front axle, cutting brakes, Corbeau seats
Funniest wheeling incident: Busting off the front knuckle in front of about 5,000 people

Vehicle: '73 Dodge W200 crew cab
Owner: Dan Jefferson, Newton, TX
Tires & wheels: 53-inch Michelins on 20x12.75 wheels
Suspension: 14-inch lift using 211/42-ton springs
Drivetrain: 360ci V-8, TF727 tranny, NP205 transfer case, 211/42-ton Rockwell axles
Performance mods: Edelbrock intake and carb
Other Doodads: Rear pinion brake setup
Funniest wheeling incident: My foot got a little heavy and I lost my rear yoke and U-joint
Anything you would change: I'd add lockers

Vehicle: '81 Jeep Scrambler
Owner: Tom and Cathy Mann, Salem, IN
Tires & wheels: 33x12.50-15 Boggers on 15x10 spoke wheels
Suspension: Spring-over-axle swap, lift shackles
Drivetrain: 350ci engine, TH350 tranny, NP203 transfer case
Other Doodads: MileMarker winch, 1-piece axles, traction bars, Wrangler rear springs
Funniest wheeling incident: Busted my rear springs pulling a buddy had to be there
Anything you would change: Eight-lug axles

Vehicle: '88 Chevy S-10 Blazer
Owner: Phillip James, Okotoks, Alberta, Canada
Tires & wheels: 39.5x13.50-16.5 Iroks on 16x10 bead locks
Suspension: Three-link front with Panhard rod, dual triangulated four-link, Evolution rod ends, XJ coils
Drivetrain: 4.3L V-6, 700R4 tranny
Other Doodads: 10-point 1.75 DOM cage, electric fans, suspension seats, five-point belts, four-seater, hydraulic-assist steering, street-legal
Funniest wheeling incident: Rolled it and still drove 75 miles home with the cruise set at 70 mph
Does everything work the way you want?: Seems to...
Anything you would change: Bigger 42-inch Iroks and a high-pinion Dana 60
Anything to add?: It was 100 percent built at home from a stock Blazer and it still has cruise, tilt, leather, and A/C

Vehicle: '93 Geo Tracker
Owner: Andy "Quaddawg" Stanford, Cincinnati, OH
Tires & wheels: 31x11.50-15 Swamper TSLs on 15x8 Rock Crawler wheels
Suspension: BDS 2-inch coils, BDS 5000 struts, strut extensions, TRW camber correction bolts
Drivetrain: 5.62:1 gears, rear spool
Performance Mods: K&N air filter, Magnaflow catalytic converter, TurboPak II
Other Doodads: Extensive fender trimming, laser-cut front skid
Funniest wheeling incident: I got stuck in a mudhole in front of a crowd of laughing Jeep guys, and to make it worse, was pulled out by a Polaris ATV
Does everything work the way you want?: Actually, the little trucklet is amazing! For tight trails of Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky it works great
Anything you would change: Sure, you should see my wish list
Anything to add?: I saved this little Tracker from certain rusty death. It was a rusted hulk with a solid drivetrain, 60 days later...I have a very capable little trail rig. Fun on a budget!

Vehicle: '71 Jeep CJ-5
Owner: Eddie Reighard, Newport News, VA
Tires & wheels: 42-inch Swampers on 16.5-inch Hummer dual bead locks
Suspension: Front spring-over-axle swap with Rubicon Express YJ leaf springs, owner-fabbed rear four-link with Fox 14-inch stroke coilovers
Drivetrain: 350ci engine bored 0.040 over, TH350 tranny, Dana 300 transfer case with 32-spline outputs and LoMax 4:1 low-range kit, Tom Woods driveshaft, front Dana 60 with 35-spline axles and ARB Air Locker, 14-bolt rear with Detroit Locker, 4.56 gears
Performance Mods: Engine bored 0.040 over, Holley Projection, Edelbrock intake and cam, Pete Jackson geardrive, headers, Flowmaster mufflers
Other Doodads: York air compressor, Premier Power Welder, backhalved frame
Funniest wheeling incident: Scuffing up the pretty sublime paint on its maiden voyage at Crozet, Virginia
Does everything work the way you want?: It does OK
Anything you would change: I plan on building another frame

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