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June 2007 4xForward - Carbon Footprint

Posted in Features on June 1, 2007
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Contributors: Rick Péwé

Do you know that if you pay money to a certain Web site that you will be spared the guilt of your carbon footprint? Did you know you have a carbon footprint? Isn't this something akin to a religious cult that offers for-giveness of purported sins for an appropriate donation? Yes, it's a cult, and a dangerous one. And this is but the latest example of brainwashing the shallow-minded people that believe this crap. That's what I have finally decided, that the environmentally inane people (notice I didn't say environmentally conscious people) are trying to take over the world and convert everyone to their cult with bad science, guilt, and a moronic mantra based on greed and elitism. "Save the Earth!" goes the mantra. Oh come on, the earth is far bigger and better than we ever will be and will take care of any indiscretions long after we are wiped off the face of it. It's our job to be the caretaker of the world, not the savior.

OK, shoot me now, revoke your subscription, or tear me a new one, but it's time to put the cards on the table and tell it like it is. Make sure you look at the argument in the context of normal people, not from the far whacked or the far wronged, and see how this all pans out. There is a big difference between caring for something and saving it, as any psychobabbling shrink will tell you. Here's a simple one: Spend a night in a hotel and you'll find a little card (which killed some trees to produce) that says "Save the Earth! We won't wash your towels and sheets to save energy and water, please help us save the Earth!" That's all nice and sucks you right in, but what they really mean is "let me make more money by doing less for you." What a scam.

Carbon footprint? What idiot dreamed this one up? Simply put, the concept figures out how much energy you use, including eating meat (because it takes more energy to process that than a home veggie garden) to flying cross country to the efficiency of your electric blanket. This total is figured in the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere, the main component of the "greenhouse gases" thought by some to be connected to the theory of global warming. And now it's all the rage to use a carbon calculator to figure how much filth (more on that later) each of us spews into the atmosphere. Then, a simple monetary donation offers "guilt-free spewing" as one site claimed, with the possibility of a tree being planted to offset your action of harming the earth. It seems to me that these scam sites are using up as much energy fleecing the public's pockets while issuing Carbon Credits that mean literally nothing. Remember, this is CO2 we're talking about-simple carbon dioxide! This stuff is important to the planet, not filth! You want filth, let's bring up horse and cow flatulence; I'd feel better next to a diesel smokestack than the rear end of a team of oxen any day.

Where does it end? It's easy to tell our schoolchildren to Save the Earth and all that type of cultish crap, because it's way too much effort to teach them how to think for themselves and decipher the media's one-sided alarmist attention to global warming. It's so much easier to portray man as bad and fill us with guilt, especially when it leads to closure of trails and land we once wheeled on. It saves money by closing these areas as they don't have to be managed. And guess what? Then that guilt factor gets relieved by being able to spend a couple of bucks to remove our carbon footprint. The way this is going, we won't even be able to leave a regular footprint on the earth, much less a carbon one.

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