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August 2007 4x4 Readers Rides

Posted in Features on August 1, 2007 Comment (0)
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Send us a picture of your ride if you've never done so. We keep a surplus of Readers' Rides submissions, but only one submission per person, and we love all off-road vehicles so send in your entries whether your rig is stock or not. Please use the new e-mail address shown below. Make sure each digital image is at least 1600 x 1200 pixels (or two megapixels) and saved as a TIFF, EPS, or maximum-quality JPEG file.

Vehicle (year, make, model)
Owner (name, city, state)
Tires & wheels (size, make, model)
Suspension (lift, springs, shocks)
Drivetrain (tranny, t-case, axles)
Performance (engine)
Other mods
Does it work the way you want?
Anything you would change?
Funniest Wheeling Incident
Anything to add?

Write to:
Readers' Rides
4-Wheel & Off-Road
6420 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90048-5515
fax 323.782.2704

E-mail to:

Bo Knows
Vehicle: '00 Tacoma
Owner: Bo Ray
Tires & wheels: 36x12.50 TSLs on 15x8 steel with Bobby Long bead locks
Suspension: Solid-axle swap, Wagoneer leaves in the front with Alcan springs in the rear
Drivetrain: 2.7L five-speed, Toyota front axle with Lock-Right, stock rear with ARB and 4.88 gears
Other Doodads: TJM front bumper with Warn M8000 and synthetic rope, in-cab winch controls, and rock lights
Does Everything work the way you want?: Yes
Anything you would change: Would rather have full-width Dana 60s.

Easy CJ
Vehicle: '71 Jeep CJ-5
Owner: Tim Harris, Easley, SC
Tires & wheels: 32x11.50x15 BFGoodrich M-Ts with Eagle Alloy 15x8
Suspension: 2.5-inch Superlift, Rancho RS 5000 shocks
Drivetrain: Dauntless V-6, T-14, Dana 18 transfer case, Dana 27 front axle, Dana 44 rear axle, 3.73 gears
Performance Mods: Pertronix ignition
Other Doodads: Advance Adapters chain clutch linkage, Bestop Trailmax seats
Anything you would change: Change steering box to Saginaw style

Fecik's Ford
Vehicle: '77 Ford F-150
Owner: Dre Fecik, Homeville, PA
Tires & wheels: 39.5x15x15 TSLs
Suspension: 6-inch Skyjacker coils up front with Pro Comp 6-inch leaf springs in the rear, Pro Comp shocks at all four corners
Drivetrain: 351, C6 trans, NP205 transfer case, 9-inch rear, high-pinion Dana 44 front with Warn hubs
Performance Mods: Hedman headers, K&N air filter, ACCEL racing wires, ACCEL super stock coil, Champion plugs
Other Doodads: Stacks, Challenger toolbox, Grant steering wheel, fire extinguisher
Funniest Wheeling Incident: Getting stuck between two trees on level ground just a few feet from the pavement
Does Everything work the way you want?: Yes
Anything you would change: Gears, lockers, and swap the 351 for a 460

Super Ram
Vehicle: '96 Dodge Ram
Owner: Anthony Brown, Phoenix, AZ
Tires & wheels: 39.5-inch IROKs on 17x8.5 H2
Suspension: 5-inch Superlift with 2-inch spacers
Drivetrain: Stock 5.2L, NV3500 transmission, NP231 transfer case, Dana 60 front axle, Dana 70 rear axle, 5.13 gears
Performance Mods: K&N filter, Flowmaster mufflers
Other Doodads: Skyjacker adjustable track bar, dual steering stabilizers, tow hooks
Funniest Wheeling Incident: High-centering on a 3-foot mound of dirt in the middle of a Saturday night
Does Everything work the way you want?: Front springs are too stiff

Vehicle: '02 Ford Super Duty
Owner: Ryan & Ronnie Gates, Sharpesburg, GA
Tires & wheels: 44x21x16.5 Swamper Truxus tires on 16.5x14 Weld
Suspension: 14-inch leaf springs, triple shocks in front and duals in the rear
Drivetrain: Stock tranny and transfer case, Dana 50 front axle, 10.25 rear axle
Performance Mods: Stock Triton V-10 engine, Flowmaster exhaust
Other Doodads: 3-inch body lift, Kodiak sidesteps, dual steering stabilizers
Does Everything work the way you want?: Yes
Anything you would change: No

Blazin' Blue
Vehicle: '00 Chevy Blazer
Owner: Paul Buckmaster, Shawnee, KS
Tires & wheels: 33x12.50 Trxus M/Ts on 15x10 Weld Outbacks
Suspension: Custom solid-axle swap with Blazer leaves, longer shackles, and RS 5000 shocks
Drivetrain: 4L60E trans, NP233 transfer case, 4.10 gears, GM 7.5 rear with Lock-Right locker, and high-pinion 30 front
Performance Mods: Hi-Flow cat and FM40 series muffler
Other Doodads: Custom front bumper, 2-inch body lift, 11/44-inch transfer-case skid, rock sliders
Does Everything work the way you want?: Yes, ever since the SAS I haven't broken any parts
Anything you would change: Stronger axles and lower transfer-case gearing

Tall Taco
Vehicle: '91 Toyota 4x4
Owner: Chase Powell, California
Tires & wheels: 38x12.50x15 Super Swamper TSLs on 15x10 Eagles
Suspension: All Pro Off Road solid-axle swap with 5-inch All Pro springs front and back, All Pro Hi-steer and Bilstein 5150 shocks
Drivetrain: Toyota W56 five-speed, Toyota transfer case with Marlin 4.7 gears, '85 Toyota front axle with Lock-Right, 5.29 gears and Longfield super 30 axles. Rear axle is a '91 Toyota with a Detroit Locker and 5.29 gears
Performance Mods: K&N filter and Flowmaster exhaust
Other Doodads: Interior cage, homebuilt sliders, bobbed bed
Funniest Wheeling Incident: Going out to pull my boy's motorcycle out of the mud then getting myself stuck in the process
Does Everything work the way you want?: Yes. But it is a never-ending project
Anything you would change: Add a Dana 300 behind the Toyota reduction box next year for twin stick


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