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Jeep JK Wrangler Suspension Buyers Guide

Posted in Features on April 1, 2008
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In Factory Form The JK Is A Very Capable machine; with a few modifications it's even better. One of the cool aspects of this new Jeep is that it really doesn't have to be heavily modi- fied to get oversized wheels and tires underneath it. in fact, with a 3- or 4-inch suspension system, 35-inch tires can be stuffed under the fenderwells without any clearance issues. This keeps the JK's center of gravity low, making off-highway travel much safer. Without a doubt, the Wrangler JK has been one of the hottest-selling off-road vehicles for Chrysler this past year and a half.

We have put together a compilation of the latest suspension systems from the top aftermarket manufacturers. if you have a new Wrangler, we are quite sure you'll enjoy sifting through this list and finding out what the manufacturers have to offer.

Old Man Emu offers a 2 1/2-inch lift for both two- and four-door Jeep Wrangler JKS. The kit is designed to work in conjunction with the Jeep ESP system and provide improved ride and handling characteristics and greater wheel travel. Easy to install, this suspension has multiple coil rates for both front and rear, and the kit utilizes custom-valved Old Man Emu shocks. A track-bar relocation kit is optional.

BDS offers this 4 1/2-inch pro-ride suspension lift kit for the four-door JK and a 4-inch lift for the two-door. This kit features four pro-ride coil springs, bumpstop extensions, front Ultimate sway-bar disconnects, solid rear sway-bar links, a pitman arm, front and rear track-bar relocation brackets, brake-line relocation, front and rear lower control arms, and rear upper adjustable control arms.

Superlift's Black Diamond 3-inch system offers ideal coil-spring rates, adjustable front track bar, closed-cell foam compression travel dampers, and three performance shock options: hydraulic, monotube gas (Bilstein XT series), or monotube gas with a remote reservoir (XTr series). Options include the Xtreme Terrain swivel links that replace the factory axle-toframe links, front sway-bar disconnects, and a high-clearance steering stabilizer.
Superlift Black Diamond

Clayton's JK suspension 3 1/2-inch system is designed to run 35-inch tires, and the 4 1/2-inch system is designed to run 37-inch tires. This system can be installed using basic handtools. The kits include adjustable control arms and either Currie Johnny Joints or Clevite mechanically bonded rubber bushings. An adjustable front track bar and a rear track-bar relocation bracket are used with the systems. An optional adjustable rear track bar is available to allow pinion angle adjustments when using a Cv-style driveshaft. The kit also includes JKS front sway-bar disconnects, rear extended sway-bar links, front and rear bumpstops, front and rear extended brake lines, and 3 1/2-inch or 4 1/2-inch coils. Shocks are sold separately. Bilstein 5100 shocks are offered as an option with these systems.
Clayton Off Road

The rockJock system allows for clearance of 37-inch-tall tires (with minor trimming) on two- or four-door JKs. The kit gives 11 inches of rear wheel travel and 9 1/2 inches of front wheel travel when used with recommended shocks. This kit includes Johnny Joint adjustable control arms, coil springs, a front urethane bumpstop kit, rear bumpstop spacers, a rear coil-spring retaining kit, a front and rear DOT-approved stainless braided extended brake-line kit, front and rear track-bar relocation kits, a relocation kit for the tops of the front shocks, a relocation kit for the bottoms of the rear shocks, front Heim-jointed adjustable sway-bar links for use with the stock front sway bar, rear Heim-jointed adjustable sway-bar extended links for use with the stock rear sway bar, and a dropped pitman arm. Shock options include rancho 9000X or Walker Evans.
Currie Enterprises

Donahoe racing built a suspension system said to be able to handle not only rocks but also Baja or a desert whooped-out road at speed. The system includes front and rear panhard bar brackets, rear sway-bar links, a stainless steel brake-line kit, bumpstop spacers, a hardware kit, front lower and rear upper and lower control-arm links, steering drag-link assembly, 4-inch dual-rate springs, Donahoe racing monotube shocks, and a high-steer flip kit. Optional components are front and rear adjustable panhard bars and front upper control-arm links.
Donahoe Racing

This 5-inch long Arm Crawler system converts the factory front four-link arms to a radius-arm design, while the rear receives extendedlength replacement arms. radius and link arms are constructed of 5/16-inch-thick steel and use rotational urethane joints for unrestricted articulation. The system includes a pitman arm, front and rear track-bar brackets, and sway-bar links. Fabtech provides replacement lower rear shock mounts that increase ground clearance by 1 inch over stock.

Daystar's 1 3/4-inch lift will allow your JK to run 33-inch tires. The kit includes polyurethane coilspring spacers that position above the factory springs. The spacers provide extra insulation to the suspension. Also included are extendedlength polyurethane bumpstops for the front and rear. rear sway-bar spacers are also supplied to avoid bar-to-exhaust interference. The system will work with the factory shock absorbers, or longer shocks can be purchased to restore extension travel. in addition to the 1 3/4-inch suspension lift, Daystar offers 3/4-inch coil spacers to offset the height lost from adding heavy aftermarket accessories.

This 4- to 6-inch long-arm system is a complete replacement suspension. The system handles tires up to 37 inches and utilizes a four-link front-axle mounting configuration for a true and correct caster curve, and improved antidive geometry throughout the entire range of wheel travel. Utilizing a true long-arm rear four-link, the rear axle is attached to the frame by four pivoting links. The result is linear wheel travel and axle articulation, improved antisquat geometry, no-binding movement, and reduced bushing wear. it uses 2x0.250-inch-wall DOM tubing for the lower trailing-arm assemblies for serious rock dragging, and 1/4-inch-plate laser-crafted bracketry. This is a fully Bolton system.
Full-Traction Suspension

The rancho 4-inch long-arm rockcrawler suspension system offers greater articulation and increased ground clearance for demanding off-road performance. This system includes the rancho-only, double-cushion high-articulation bushings, front and rear track-bar relocation bracket, heavy-duty, quick-disconnect front sway-bar end links, and forged pitman arm. This rancho system is engineered for optimal steering geometry and to minimize bumpsteer. The system works with up to 37-inch tires.
Rancho Suspensions

The kit uses spacers to raise the front 3 inches and the rear 1 inch to produce a level ride. The rear suspension is virtually unaffected so no shocks are required, but the front gets new shocks and an adjustable front track bar to prevent bumpsteer. The kit also includes front sway-bar end links, a rear track-bar relocation bracket, a front brake-line drop-down bracket, and all hardware. Because the kit retains the factory coils, one part number fits all JK models. The installation of this kit should only take about two hours.

The Stage iii 6-inch JK long-arm system for the four-door JK maintains a lower roll-center for off-road stability. The longer lower control arms are built from laser-cut 3/16-inchthick steel plate and come equipped with aerospace-grade high-angle rod ends and polyurethane bushings. The lower control arms connect to the new high-clearance crossmember, which adds more turning radius and obstacle clearance. The relocated, longer, adjustable upper control arms increase travel and lower the roll center. The upper arms come with adjustable aerospace-grade high-angle rod ends and polyurethane bushings. The high-clearance bellypan integrates attachment points for the lower arms and adds chassis rigidity. Also included are\ hydraulic billet bumpstops, which use a camlock design to engage the factory bumpstop mount. The front track bar is equipped with adjustable rod ends and polyurethane bushings. The system includes MX2.0r reservoir front and rear shocks and allows the use of 37-inch tires.
Pro Comp Suspension

The rock Krawler X Factor plus suspension system for the new Wrangler JK features adjustable high-clearance lower control arms front and rear. in the rear the system uses an independent three-link conversion with adjustable antisquat geometry. The kit features frontspring retainer clips and rear-shock relocation brackets for improved ground clearance. The system is available in two heights: the 3 1/2-inch kit for 35-inch-tall tires, and 5 1/2-inch for 37-inch-tall tires.
Rock Krawler

Designed with its new performance 2.2 series shocks, rough Country's 4-inch suspension kit provides near factory on-road ride quality and enhanced off-road performance. The 4-inch suspension also includes unique front and rear coils for two- and four-door models. An adjustable front track bar, front sway-bar links, a rear track-bar drop bracket, brake-line brackets, and cam bolts to adjust caster alignment finish out this complete lift kit. rough Country also carries a 1 3/4-inch and an economy 2 1/2-inch suspension.
Rough Country Suspensions Systems

The rockfather 4-inch suspension system for JK Wranglers by rocky road Outfitters features numerous suspension rates to choose from. Three springs are available for both front and rear to allow for a custom suspension and optimal ride comfort for two- and four-door Jeeps. The system includes springs, shocks, brake lines, front and rear quick disconnects, front and rear track bars, front and rear extended bumpstops, and front and rear cam alignment bolts.
Rocky Road Outfitters

Rubicon Express JK radius long-arm suspension system consists of upper and lower chromoly control arms, Gen ii disconnects, rear swaybar end links, front and rear coils, front and rear bumpstops, front and rear stainless steel brake lines, front and rear track-bar relocation brackets, a heavy-duty front adjustable track bar, a front crossmember assembly, a rear control-arm-mount assembly, and a chromoly drag link. Components and geometry have been engineered to keep pinion and driveshaft angles in phase while eliminating jacking and unwanted suspension squat. The company says that properly valved rubicon shocks provide sure-footed traction and good off-highway performance. The 3 1/2-inch system accommodates 35-inch tires, and 4 1/2-inch allows the use of 37-inch tires.
Rubicon Express

Rusty's 3 1/4-inch suspension kit is performance at a reasonable cost, designed to add articulation to perform in the toughest conditions. Using 3-D computer modeling to design, this kit offers a factory style ride and handling. rusty's 3 1/4-inch suspension kit gives the clearance needed for 35-inch tires. The rusty's kit comes complete with front and rear coil springs, front and rear adjustable track bars, and four rusty's Hydro shocks.
Rusty's Off-Road

The value Flex Kit is available in a 4-inch lift for the four-door Wrangler JK, and 5-inch lift for the two-door. Heavy-duty parts and Softride coil springs offer control on and off highway. The kit features front and rear Softride coil springs, lower links with polyurethane bushings at both the frame and axle ends, front double-disconnect sway-bar end links, rear extended-length sway-bar end links, front and rear track-bar relocation brackets, brake-line extension brackets, front bumpstop spacers, rear bumpstop relocation brackets, and a transfer-case lowering kit. The system will accommodate 35x12.50r16 tires.
Skyjacker Suspensions

The 4-inch TeraFlex JK suspension system was designed and tested to offer performance on and off road, while retaining factory suspension mounting points. Several innovative features are found in the exclusive rear-spring retention spacer that is attached to the frame and will not drop out even during extreme articulation. The system includes: 4-inch lift springs, bumpstops, rear spring guide and retainer, front sway-bar disconnects, a front adjustable track bar, a rear track-bar bracket, rear sway-bar links, extended brake lines, Vss shock absorbers, upper and lower Modular FlexArms, and all necessary hardware. The system is designed to fit up to 37-inch-tall tires

The Superlift 4-inch-lift system is basically a taller version of the 3-inch Black Diamond lift (see "leaves to Coilovers," nov. '07) and it features ideal coil-spring rates, an adjustable front track bar to ensure proper bar and steering linkage phasing, closed-cell foam compression travel dampers, and three performance shock options: hydraulic, monotube gas by Bilstein (SS series), or monotube gas with a remote reservoir (SSr series). popular options include the rockrunner swivel links that replace the factory axle-to-frame links, front sway-bar disconnects, and a high-clearance steering stabilizer.
Superlift Suspension Systems

Trail Master's 5-inch suspension system comes complete with control arms utilizing exclusive chromoly-encased flex-joint technology for performance, as well as front and rear coil springs, front and rear track bars, front and rear drivelines, and Trail Master's exclusive SSv shock absorbers. This system also allows the use of up to 35-inch-tall tires for improved looks, handling, and ground clearance.
Trail Master Suspension

Tuff Country recently released its new Jeep Wrangler JK suspension lift kits. This high-performance suspension system uses adjustable components, which include upper and lower control arms, track bars, and sway-bar end links. The components utilize Heim joints to eliminate suspension binding. Tuff Country also offers a 2-inch spacer kit and a standard 4-inch performance kit.
Tuff Country

The Synergy Stage 3 Suspension System features front track-bar relocation bracket, draglink flip kit, rear track-bar relocation bracket, and adjustable upper and lower control arms. The lower control arms are manufactured from high-quality crush resistant 1 3/4 x 0.188-inchwall 1026 DOM tubing. The control arms use Currie Enterprises Johnny Joints for performance and durability. OEM style rubber bushings are also used in the control-arm assemblies to minimize road vibration. The control arms and drag link use double adjuster-sleeve and pinch-bolt assembly, which allow for easy adjustment without removal. Also included in the kit are a sway-bar disconnect system, progressive-wound coil springs, and front and rear track-bar relocation brackets. These move the track-bar mounting position thus increasing suspension roll-center height, which improves handling on and off road. Them system is completely bolt-on.
Poly Performance Inc.

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