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June 2008 4x4 Readers' Rides

Front View Rocks
Ali Mansour
| Brand Manager, 4WD & Sport Utility
Posted June 1, 2008

Send us a picture of your ride if you've never done so. We keep a surplus of Readers' Rides submissions, but only one submission per person, and we love all off-road vehicles so send in your entries whether your rig is stock or not. Make sure each digital image is at least 1600 x 1200 pixels (or two megapixels) and saved as a TIFF, EPS, or maximum-quality JPEG file.

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Vehicle (year, make, model)
Owner (name, city, state)
Tires & Wheels (size, make, model)
Suspension (lift, springs, shocks)
Drivetrain (tranny, transfer case, axles)
Performance (engine mods)
Other mods
Does it work the way you want?
Anything you would change?
Funniest Wheeling Incident
Anything to add?

Vehicle: '04 Jeep Wrangler Sport
Owner: Mike Morgan, Mesa, AZ
Tires & Wheels: 37-inch Maxxis Creepy Crawlers on 15x8 Allied bead locks
Suspension: 4.5-inch Rubicon Express long arm, Rancho RS 9000 shocks
Drivetrain: NV3550, Tera 4.1, Dana 44 axles, ARB Air Lockers, chromoly axleshafts, 5.13 gears
Performance Mods: 4.0L, Airaid intake
Other Doodads: Warn 9,000-pound winch, Currie steering and Anti Rock sway bar, TXT sport cage, lots of body armor
Does everything work the way you want?: I absolutely love it
Anything you would change?: Upgrade the rollcage
Anything to add?: Can you believe that I almost bought a Rubicon? It sure would have been a lot cheaper!

Vehicle: '85 Ford Bronco
Owner: Chris Bradley, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Tires & Wheels: 36x13.50 Iroks on 16x10 steel
Suspension: 4-inch Pro Comp, RS 9000 shocks
Drivetrain: BW1345, Dana 44 front, 14-bolt rear, ARB Air Lockers, 5.13 gears
Performance Mods: 302ci bored 0.030 over, RV cam, K&N air filter
Other Doodads: Safari snorkel, SMF front bumper, York air compressor
Does everything work the way you want?: Yes
Anything you would change?: Right now no, but I'm sure by next month there will be something

Vehicle: '00 Nissan Frontier
Owner: Mike Ball, Syracuse, NY
Tires & Wheels: 32-inch BFG A-Ts on Cragar Soft 8
Suspension: 3-inch Calmini
Drivetrain: Stock
Performance Mods: Stock
Other Doodads: Custom skids and upgraded steering components
Does everything work the way you want?: Runs like new with 128k on the clock
Anything you would change?: Body lift, locker, and 33-inch tires

Vehicle: '99 Dodge Ram 2500
Owner: Bud Norman, Gilbert, AZ Tires: TSL SXs
Suspension: Custom multilink front with 4.5-inch Skyjacker front coils, Valley Spring rear leaf pack, RS 9000 shocks
Drivetrain: NP241HD, front ARB Air Locker, rear Detroit Locker, 4.56 gears
Performance Mods: V-10
Other Doodads: Randy Ellis bumper, 12,500-pound winch, York air compressor, custom steering setup using Ford knuckles, Warn hubs
Funniest wheeling incident: Watching all the short wheelbases try to follow my lines
Does everything work the way you want?: Yes

Vehicle: '98 Jeep Grand Cherokee
Owner: Cory Cambell, Burlington, VT
Tires & Wheels: 33x12.50 BFG Bajas on 15x8 Rock Crawlers
Suspension: 4.5-inch BDS with Kevin's Off Road track-bar conversion
Drivetrain: Stock
Performance Mods: 4.0L, K&N air filter, mini snorkel
Other Doodads: Hanson bumper, Warn M8000, junkyard skidplates
Does everything work the way you want?: Yes
Anything you would change?: Swap in a Dana 44 in the rear and add a slip-yoke eliminator

Vehicle: '00 Toyota Tacoma
Owner: Nathen Brill, Cave Creek, AZ
Tires & Wheels: 38-inch TSLs on 16x10 steel
Suspension: Custom solid-axle conversion
Drivetrain: Marlin 4.7 dual cases, high-pinion Dana 60 front with Lock-Right, 14-bolt rear with Detroit Locker
Performance Mods: 3.4L, supercharged with URD fuel mods
Other Doodads: Custom driveshafts, bobbed bed 14 inches, custom bumpers
Funniest wheeling incident: Seeing the expression on my wife's face when I took the torch to my perfectly functional and recently paid-off truck!
Does everything work the way you want?: Needs hydraulic assist

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