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Save The Earth & Protect Human Rights - 4x Forward

Posted in Features on August 1, 2008
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I'll say It up front: nothing Is More important than caring For the planet, even when wheeling. It's where we live, and taking care of it is our responsibility. We owe the earth a living, but conversely the earth pays us back. For instance, do you dump your used oil (provided by the earth) down a storm drain or in a dry creek bed or do you take it to a recycling center? Consider if you are on the trail; would you leave your oil from a cracked transmission in a puddle for someone else to deal with? Would you poop on a bench on a city sidewalk and let someone else deal with it? Would you throw your trash out of your car and fling beer cans around the countryside so someone else can deal with it? the answer we hope is, of course, no, because you are the person that needs to deal with it, and prevent these sorts of actions from happening by teaching others proper environmental ethics. But what is more important; humans or the earth? There wouldn't be much point to saving the world if we weren't around to enjoy it, and likewise if the world weren't here we couldn't enjoy either. to me this is a two-way street where both the humans and the earth help each other and live in total harmony.

However, the anti-access zealots who try so hard to take lands away from us are convincing the general public that the earth is first, and people don't matter. It's this greenwashing of America that makes people believe that the earth's rights are more important than human rights. It's more of a willy-nilly knee-jerk reaction to make everyone feel like the end of time is near, and these doomsday prophets come scarily close to appearing like an organized religion, as they greenwash people and convert them into all things green.

Instead of group hypnotism, how about some individual thought? Whatever happened to common sense and learning, instead of screaming like Chicken Little that the sky is falling? so what about our rights? simply put, it's up to each and every one of us to present the best side of us and our sport as truly caring for the earth, while not bowing down to political and cultural pressure that makes us appear as earthhating second-class citizens. Where else would we wheel, the moon?

With that being said, many people on the "Go Green" bandwagon do have the world's best interest at heart and honestly think they are doing the right thing. And for the most part, yes, they are, and so should you. the bottom line is to do what's best for our world, which includes the appropriate multiple use of our natural resources instead of locking our land up for the elitist to enjoy. But the only way to help in that battle is to take care of our land. It's a simple start that we can all join in, and if we don't we won't have open spaces to wheel at in the future. Remember, just pick up your crap, it's only human.

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