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2008 Ultimate Adventure Prerun - Prerun Fun

Posted in Features on November 1, 2008
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First stop: Black Hills of South Dakota. Eric Hunt and Jason Paule cleared trail trees with a Swiss Army knife. I figured we'd have a chainsaw for the Ultimate Adventure.

What the heck is Prerun Fun? Quite simply, I have the difficult job of plotting and planning our Ultimate Adventure each year, and I must find locations and drive the trails and roads in between. It's a rough job, but someone has to do it, and along the way I try to have as much fun as possible. But then again, how could I not have fun? I get to drive hundreds of miles a day (and at night), take copious notes of road and traffic conditions, figure out how to get 20 4x4s and 50 people through major population centers without losing half the bunch, and find gas stops with more than one pump and one restroom. I also get to sleep in sleazebag hotels or in my rental car, eat at perfect greasy spoons or hideous chain restaurants, and experience my own private road trip as I develop it along the way. I sure don't have much of a plan, just a free-form idea of where the trails need to be and how to hook them together. I also take the time to try and find that special attraction for the group to see or do. Sometimes it's the biggest ball of lint, or even an off-highway diversion during a planned road day, but it needs to be interesting or at least memorable. That's what develops into our Ultimate Adventure, a week-long 1,400-mile road trip where we alternate trail and road days while camping along the way, with no trailers.

This spring I headed out to the Dakotas and beyond to plot the trip, and came back with more than just a memory or two. In fact, I had to go back to finish up the prerun, which we'll recount in next month's issue. I met a few new people along the way, and passed out more plates and stickers than I had brought with me. Next year I'll carry a few extra! Without boring you with the dull stuff, here are a few photos along the way of the ultimate Prerun Fun.

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